Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in Cook County, Illinois
A haunted cemetery which has many reported ghost stories attached to it
Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is a small, abandoned cemetery in Cook County, in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. There are many varieties of the cemetery name, including Bachelor Grove, Batchelor Grove, Batchelder’s Grove, and Everden or Everdon.
The author of “Chicago Haunts,” Ursula Bielski, says that the cemetery was originally named the Everdon Cemetery. The name was given after the original property title holder, Samuel Everdon.
The cemetery has 82 plots, but many of them were never used. The first documented burials occurred around 1840, but it’s possible that there were undocumented burials in 1834. These earliest undocumented funerals are supposedly connected with the tragedy at the Michigan Canal site, where German immigrant workers had lost their lives. Also, this cemetery is unofficially famous as a place where Chicago’s organized crime families had been dumping the bodies of their victims.
Is there something really going on Bachelor’s Grove? It seems that the people buried here could have some unfinished business. Stories about paranormal activities at the cemetery area have been circulating among local communities since the 1950s.

There are many different reported phenomena reoccurring on the site, the most common of them being floating orbs of light over tombstones and near collisions with a phantom vehicle. Other supernatural events include The White Lady (also known as Madonna of Bachelors Grove), The Disappearing House (also known as the Phantom Farm House), The Farmer and Horse (also known as the Two-Headed Monster), The Phantom Dog, The Caretaker (also known as the Murdering Caretaker), The Hook (also known as the Hooked Maniac), and others.
The White Lady legend says that a woman in a white dress that wanders around the cemetery, and, when there’s a full moon, you can see her holding a baby in her arms.

Bachelors Grove Cemetery

Ghost at Bachelors Grove Cemetery

The Disappearing House is a phantom farmhouse that has been reported to shimmer, float, and then vanish.
The Phantom Dog legend is built around witnesses who have reported seeing a very large, black dog near the entrance to the road. The dog would always vanish when approached.
These aren’t all paranormal activities reported at the cemetery, since there is still a lot of interest for Bachelor Grove, and more things are becoming revealed.
What do you think? Would you be willing to go on a drive-by, or maybe even visit the cemetery on a moonlit night? I bet even the biggest skeptics would get chills down their spines even from reading about some of these legends. I sure did.