Demonic Possession – What are the signs?

For even the most sceptical of individuals, there are some things in life that just defy belief and that just cannot be explained. Demonic possession for example, is a real hot topic of discussion as of late, thanks in part to the global success of the ‘Paranormal Activity’ movies. One case in particular, grabbed a lot of headlines and a great deal of attention, with the case in question being the apparent demonic possession of Indiana resident Latoya Ammons and her 3 children.

The Latoya Ammons case – Back in 2011, Latoya moved into a new home in Indiana with her mother and her 3 children. Soon after moving into the house however, a number of bizarre occurrences began taking place. These occurrences ranged from seemingly explainable events such as swarms of flies on the porch, to some pretty disturbing things such as violent behaviour and levitation. In perhaps the most chilling event of all, and one which was picked up by media all over the world, Latoya’s nine year old son, believed to be the victim of demonic possession, actually walked backwards up a wall and onto the ceiling. This was witnessed by a number of people, including members of the Indiana Department of Child Services. These bizarre events became more and more frequent with different members of the family being affected. Latoya even contacted a medium who claimed that the house was home to more than 200 spirits. Latoya also claims to have witnessed her 12 year old daughter levitating above her bed. A priest was contacted to perform an exorcism and he concluded that demonic possession had indeed taken place, but what are the signs and levels of demonic possession? Well, let’s take a more in-depth look, shall we?

Demonic possession is categorized as either: mild, medium, or severe. With mild demonic possession

Mild demonic possession – even though the possession is classed as ‘mild’ changes in the person who happens to be the victim of the possession are still very obvious. The victim of the possession will display unusual displays and patterns of behaviour. For example, a normally mild-mannered and calm individual may begin acting aggressive and violently. They may laugh manically, talk gibberish, or even speak different languages. One tell-tale sign of determining whether a true mild demonic possession has taken place is to observe whether or not the unusual character traits and behavioural patterns calm down or subside in the presence of members of the church, or inside a church or place of worship, or with the use of Holy Water for example.

Medium demonic possession – With medium demonic possession, to truly discern whether or not possession had taken place an individual with higher perception or sixth sense levels would need to be brought in. Although you may think that the symptoms and signs would be much stronger and obvious than those associated with mild possession, in reality the exact opposite is true, making diagnosis much more difficult, which is exactly what the demon wants.

Severe demonic possession – With severe demonic possession, diagnosing and identifying that a person was possessed would be almost impossible. Individuals who are the victims of severe demonic possession are cold, calculating, and evil at opportune times. Only saints are able to truly make a diagnosis of whether or not an individual is the victim of demonic possession. The demon in this case will control the individual it is possessing by as much as 75%.