Ghost Hunting Gear

Doing experiments about ghosts and invisible spirits is a thrilling experience. This subject has a considerably long history. From ancient times people used various methods and equipment to establish communication lines with these spirits. Some of them failed while some of them succeeded. Even though we live in a digital era, the eagerness of ghost hunting hasn’t dropped a bit. In fact, the interests have increased from a great margin. There are various research programs being conducted across the globe utilizing many methods. As an encouragement to the subject of ghost hunting, here are some hi-tech tools to capture evidences of the ghostly activities which you will love.

Digital Voice Recorder
These are used to collect audio evidences of the ghost’s communication with human beings. They are also known as Electronic Voices Phenomena (EVP’s). Depending on the task type and the environment, you can choose the best voice recorder. From small sized wrist recorders to recorder with live listening facilities are available to pick. Because of the hi-end technology used with these tools, you can capture various audio activates which are totally inaudible to the human ear. These recorders are must haves in your checklist.

Full Spectrum Camera
Nothing is exciting as capturing ghosts or spirits on your camera. However, this can be nearly impossible with a normal camera. This is when you need the help of the full spectrum camera series. You may select Full Spectrum Digital or Full Spectrum DSLR with night vision to detect visual anomalies or potential paranormal activity with perfect quality despite of the light condition. The full spectrum technology is specifically designed for ghost hunting.

FLIR Thermal Camera
These are the best tools to detect the possible temperature changes that occur at the existence of spiritual bodies. All of these thermal cameras are perfectly designed to create a map of heat and identify the prcise locations of the spiritual bodies.

EMF Meters
These useful tools are designed to measure the deviations of the electromagnet fields. According to thieroes, at the presence of spiritual bodies, electromagnetic fields of the surrounding fluctuate dramatically. These facts are extremely helpful for your documentations.

Spirit Boxes
Spirit boxes are also known as ghost boxes. They are useful in initiating two way communication lines between you and the spirits that have some intelligence. It comes with smart software to manipulate the messages.

Laser Grids
This is a perfect tool to clearly see the movements of the spiritual bodies. It identifies the physical aspects of the anomaly clearly, which will be a clear evidence for your investigation.

Vibration sensor/accelerometer/Geophone
These are ideal tools to detect the possible vibrations of the atmosphere pertaining to the existence of a spirit. Even lower range vibrations are detectable with these high end tools.

With the utilization of these tools, you can achieve the expected results of your research. The facts provided by these smart devices are accurate, solid and scientific. Therefore, it helps your research to be more reliable and dependable in all means.