NASA Discovery Mission STS-48 UFO

UFO Filmed by NASA During Space Shuttle Discovery Mission STS-48

One of the oldest UFO mysteries dates back to September 15, 1991. During their STS-48 Mission, NASA filmed what appeared to be a mysterious glowing object moving across the horizon, that abruptly changed direction. This video was captured by a video camera that was installed on the back of the Space Shuttle Discovery’s cargo bay.

At the time, the astronaut’s were oblivious to these events, being preoccupied with other tasks on-board. It wasn’t until later, when film footage was analyzed, that this mysterious object was spotted.

Was it a UFO? Or could it be a simpler explanation, such as space debris traveling around in space? It’s not like anything that has been seen in NASA videos ever before.

Doesn’t space debris run in a regular orbit around the Earth? Why would a piece of debris, capturing the light of the sun, suddenly veer off in a different direction?

You can see for yourself from the video online. The video is filmed in black and white. You can view the horizon of the earth, and space beyond, with its multitude of stars. As you watch the video, a tiny glowing object appears just below the horizon. This object slowly moves from right to left and then upwards in the video.

As we watch, this object and others on the screen, suddenly change direction, and zip away. During this time we see a flash of light at the lower left of the screen. It appears that this object is doing evasive maneuvers from the actions of the other object.

Can it be that there was more than one UFO on the horizon? Was one UFO shooting a laser beam at another UFO? Was there something more going on in space that we aren’t aware of?

This video was shown on an NBC broadcast about UFOs. The clip is really short. Apparently it goes on for another 65 seconds, showing the video camera panning downwards, to display a fuzzy image of the side of the cargo bay.

The video camera then refocused its lens, and showed the front of the cargo bay. The film ends here, as it stopped recording.

The Space Shuttle Discovery was 2,757 meters from the Earth’s horizon when this footage was taken. It’s estimated that the UFO had a speed of 87,000 kph, or Mach 73 speed, before it suddenly accelerated and disappeared.

After this object accelerated, it sped up to 340,000 kph, or Mach 285. How would a piece of space debris, or even ice, suddenly be able to speed up?

It seems puzzling to the space scientist. This sudden acceleration would have produced 14,000 g’s of force.

Apparently this incident was filmed directly over Australia. Many conspiracy theorists feel that the laser beam was actually coming from the Earth. Can there be a secret organization that is guarding the planet against a UFO invasion?

This mystery continues over the decades. What we do know for certain is that the planet Earth continues to be safe from alien invasion.