Paranormal Energy Within Earth’s Ley Lines

Just How Much Paranormal Energy Sits Within a Ley Line
Anyone who may have read about ley lines, might be surprised to learn they had only been first conceived through the writings of Alfred Watkins less than a century ago. His book, first published in 1921, spoke of mysterious straight lines of energy, often with landmarks dotted along the very line of mystical force that purports to be there.
Surely, it’s been more than a century that we have known about the concept of ley lines? Back in the 7th century Pope Gregory the Great wrote to Abbott Mellitus ordering all Christian churches as far as possible to be built on previous pagan sites. Those churches went on to form on a straight line.
Ley lines, it would seem, to have an initial start point – usually a hilltop or islet and a finish point. Along these lines there are ancient stone monuments, burial mounds, moats, and even the ancient names given to the places seem to have suffixes and prefixes that link them intrinsically, e.g. –bury, ley-, -hoe etc.
Ancient civilizations would have been highly sensitive to ley lines, after all, they would have represented walkways and paths to trade, food and an improvised lifestyle. Only these routes and lines of regular navigation would have often punched through heavy woodland, marsh and poorly navigable paths. It has been suggested that the lines are closely connected to religious activity and experiences (even sacrifice).
The most powerful force where ley lines can still be felt is at intersections where ley lines might cross, e.g. Stonehenge, Avebury and even Knebworth House in rural Hertfordshire, England. And it now seems that many stately homes have been built along these lines. Could it be that the blue bloods know something we don’t?
Is there a correlation between Roman roads and ley lines? The Romans – just like the stately home gentry that ruled the lands of Britain since the Roman Empire fell – seem to have a knowledge we don’t.
Among some of the more bizarre and remarkable questions being posed are: is there a pattern of stately homes positioned on ley lines (remember many of these will have been built hundreds of years ago) and is there a pattern of occultism occurring at the points?
Earth as a whole can connect straight lines through the Great Pyramids, Great Wall of China and Stonehenge, where some 14 ley lines are believed to intersect. A simple dowser will confirm the ley line that runs heavy with energy through Wiltshire’s Stonehenge, Old Sarum, Salisbury Cathedral and the Clearbury Ring.