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10 Demonic Possession Movies Based on True Cases

10 Demonic Possession Movies Based on True Cases Some films weave in real-life events of demonic possession, blending such supernatural horror with on-screen inspiration. The following are ten terrifying stories that form the merger for many exorcist and demonic possession

Satan Faced Goat Shocks Village

Mutated Evil Goat

Villagers in a remote location of New Delhi are convinced the Devil walks the earth once again. This time he has arrived in the body of a goat. A strange looking mutant goat has appeared that has an unusual human

‘Minion of Satan’ asks to give invocation in Lake meeting – Orlando Sentinel


Blogger and Atheist Chaz Stevens has stirred controversy by making the rounds in South Florida, asking city after city for permission to deliver a satanic prayer at their next public meeting Stevens’ latest request is making use of a 2014