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11 Psychics that Totally Nailed it, and 3 Not so Much

Psychics that Nailed it

11 Psychics that Totally Nailed it, and 3 Not so Much. 1. Etta Louise Smith Etta Louise Smith was driving home from her job at Lockheed when she heard the news radio broadcast about a missing nurse named Melanie Uribe.

CCTV video shows ghostly figure in road. – newsshopper

Ghost image CCTV

Ian Hawke, 42, of Overton Road, captured footage of a ghost on his CCTV. The ghostly video shows a figure in the road outside of his home. Mr. Hawke said “I was so shocked when I saw it – I

Spirit Photo at Fatal Accident – LEX18

spirit photo

Many social media posters believe this photo captures the chilling moment a spirit is leaving after a fatal motorcycle accident in Powell County Kentucky. The tragedy happened Tuesday on Highway 15 near Stanton. Officials state that the motorcycle driver was

Spirit orb visits baby captured on baby monitor – WWMT 3

spirit orb

(NEWSCHANNEL WWMT 3) – A Michigan mother believes a spirit visited her and her 1-year-old son Riley. The paranormal sighting of a spirit orb was captured on the baby monitor. Kayla Marie Cruz says she saw the bright spirit orb

Spirit or Guarding Angel photo at accident scene

Ghost Photo

A woman took a photo of a car crash while driving past. After she reviewed the image, she noticed something strange. She then sent the photo to the popular paranormal website #Ghost Study to be analyzed. Related posts: Spirit orb