The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Continues…

Bermuda triangle- a mysterious place that takes all
Bermuda triangle is present in Atlantic Ocean which is surrounded by Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda land. This trio has the significance that it hasn’t ever seen the ships and planes going into the mysterious place of Bermuda triangle and then coming back ever again. Record keeping for the incidents of Bermuda triangle started in 1851 and since then till today 8,127 lives are lost without any trace left behind of them. Sometimes ships were found but there was no sign of its crew.

What could be making things to disappear?

There are many conspiracy theories that have risen to explain why it must have happened and here are some of them:
• It is said that Atlantis lies beneath this place and it is having its own special powers that causes people to never come back.
• Renowned scientist Stephen hawking’s talks about vertices to different dimension opened right from the Bermuda triangle.
• Gulf Stream is said to have the intensity enough to carry a plane or dismantle the ship. This Gulf Stream is also known as river in the ocean.
• Methane hydrates that lower the density of water are considered as the culprit to cause the ships and planes to disappear.
• Cyclones and then tropical cyclones are the most violent ones that can suck anything into their eye and destroying them in a way that it makes things to disappear from the history of earth.
• Then another explanation for the cause of disappearances is said to be the alien UFOs present there who abduct the humans on board.

With all these explanations present it is very difficult to identify that what is the real cause reason being that no one has actually came back from this place to report back the details of what is taking so many humans captive or may be killing them without any trace left behind.
Noted incidents till date

1918: USS cyclops was a giant iron hulk that was fueling British navy ships and last time it was seen anchored at the coast of Barbados. Since then it hasn’t been seen ever again, the most astonishing fact is that there was no SOS call, or any other call for help from the ship. There was no wreckage that was found after this incident.

1945: Routine training mission turned out to be deadly on 5th December 1945. This is the date when the avenger bombers vanished along with the rescue planes sent. There was no warning or help that was asked for and no wreckage was discovered.

1948: Star tiger aircraft was taking a flight from Azores to Bermuda; on January 30thslightest error may have taken this flight into the deepest doom of devil’s triangle.

1963: As the mid-sentence conversation was interrupted from the Marine Sulphur Queen, it hasn’t been reported to ever seen again or come back since 2nd February 1963.

2015: Even in this modern time we have the cases like El faro being sunk into Bermuda triangle. The last words of one of the crew members were that there is a hurricane and they are heading into it. With this the ship sunk into the darkest depths of Bermuda triangle.