The Top Five Haunted Hotels

The Top Five Haunted Hotels
Over the years, there have been hotels that have been deemed haunted by people in the world. Often it is due to the mysterious things that happen to guests who visit them. Here are the top five haunted hotels.

1. The Stanley Hotel, CO
Oscar Stanley, a Yankee investor, came to Estes Park weak and emaciated from the signs of consumption. The refreshing climate of the valley restored his health after just one season there, and he swore to return every summer throughout his life. Stanley and his wife Flora decided to build a grand hotel since they were used to the East Coast society’s stimulation.
Today, guests who have visited the hotel say they heard someone playing the piano late at night. There have also been people who hear kids playing and laughing loudly outside their rooms but on investigating; they found no one. Others say that after leaving their rooms just for a while, they would return to find it in dismay, and they also sighted hand prints of small kids on the mirrors. Mr. Stanley has also been captured in photos as he surveys the goings-on in his favorite place, the Billiards Room despite being dead.

2. The Goldfield Hotel, Goldfield, Nevada
The hotel that has gradually declined over time has changed owners numerous times. Each owner has promised to restore and reopen the old property that has had mysterious happenings. In the Gold Room, that was one time the main dining room there is someone who randomly attacks people crossing the threshold with a big kitchen knife. Though this person named “The Stabber” has never caused harm to anyone, he has frightened many people before he instantly disappears after the attack.
Near the hotel’s lobby staircase, people have reported that there are three little persons who sneak up behind guests and tap their backs before chuckling and dancing away. One of the hotel’s owners was George Wingfield who died in 1959 and today people who have stayed in his room have reported finding fresh cigar ashes in the room and the presence of cigar smoke. Other people have also reported that they have seen a sad woman pacing around calling out to her child and sometimes one can hear the sound of a crying child from the depths of the hotel.

3. The Hotel Del Coronado, CA
The mysterious happenings in the hotel have been sighted in a room where a young woman Kate Morgan had been staying before she was found dead on the beach from a gunshot wound. In her third-floor guestroom, visitors have experienced a TV that turns itself on and off, flickering lights, random breezes and inexplicable sounds and scents. Other weird occurrences include items moving on their own, doors that open and close randomly, abrupt temperature changes and unexplained voices and footsteps. People have also claimed to see a young lady in the hallways of the hotel and by the seashore wearing a black lace dress. The resort’s gift shop is also another place where there have also been unexplainable happenings. People regularly witness giftware strangely flying off the shelves and sometimes they fall upright and are always unbroken.

4. The 1886 Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas
The hotel has had reports of numerous guests growing faint and passing out for a short while at the same tour stop with no rational explanation. The hotel has also had occurrences where the guests kept hearing noises and seeing a person walking around the room. Several have also reported that the curtains kept swinging back and forth for no reason. Some guests have also reported seeing a woman carrying her small child’s blanket and crying at night. In the lobby of the 1886 Crescent Hotel, other people have claimed to see a man who hangs out at the bar or stands at the bottom of the staircase. Guests at the hotel also tell tales about a tall, handsome man with a beard who knocks on all doors asking the room owner whether they are waiting for him.

5. The Driskill Hotel, Austin, Texas
The hotel was created by Jesse Lincoln Driskill and after his death people have continued to claim to feel his presence. The Driskill Hotel also has had some other unexplained occurrences. In one of the hotel rooms where two young women had committed suicide twenty years apart, there have been inexplicable leaks, visions and sensations of things no one can see or comprehend. In another room in the hotel, many guests claim to see a woman on the fourth floor out of the corner of their eye but when they turn to see, there is no one in sight. There are also guests who have heard sounds of a woman whispering on the floor. In some other cases, they have heard a woman crying on the fourth floor alone even when there is no guest on that specific floor.
These are some of the recordings of the mysterious things that have happened at these various hotels. To experience the unexplained phenomenon in these places, you can visit any of these hotels for a thrilling opportunity.