10 Places that Lead to Hell 3

10 Places that Lead to Hell 3

5 . Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave


Xibalba the place of hell for the people in Belize resides on Tapir Mountain in a nature reserve no doubt. The full name in the title translates into the “Cave of the Crystal Sepulchre”
This place is eternally tied to the legends of the Maya. Known to be ruled over by the Mayan demons of death and rivers of blood and scorpions. Wow, now that’s one typical, interesting hell Yes? And the fact that they were not even discovered until 1989! It is one of the top destinations for those who have the balls to explore. Someone must have gone in to try and purify it because the majestic stalactites are called “The Cathedral”. One of the most notable discoveries is the skeleton of an 18 year old female. This was said to be a ritual sacrifice to the gods of death.

6. The Gates of Guinee


Ahh New Orleans, one of my favorite places and that of thousands of other people. Of course with all the crazy, fringe offshoot religions hidden deep in Christianity, there are Voodoo mythologies that were brought over from island people, coupled with Afro-cuban and Caribbean traditions. One of them that wreaks of Catholic beliefs is that when we die, our soul goes to the Guinee to wait before going to see the ancestors and is a sort of purgatory.
So, think you can visit the Guinee and actually get to witness this hell? Not if you can’t do a very complicated ritual of opening 7 gates in exactly correct order to get there. And good luck finding those gates. You’ll have to properly summon or conjure the spirit of Baron Samdi who presides over that realm.
Tell me how that works out for ya won’t you?

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