Israeli UFO Cases

Do you believe that UFOs are for real and they really do exist? There are some who believes with this thing but there are also some who say that these are all jokes. Some of them would even think that the stories about UFOs are just mere fictions and none of them are for real. Read through this article and find out the mystery thing behind UFOs and try to realize whether these are real or just a paranormal thing.

UFO over Dome of the Rock Hoaxed

Most of the UFO experts were left speechless and astonished when they discovered a video about a UFO, wherein it shows the glowing orb hovering over the Jerusalem’s skyline. It is believed that this circular object has been descending slowly over the iconic Dome of the Rock of the holy city before it finally flicker and shoot skyward just like a rocket. Before this incident, several video clips have been shown but all of them were believed to be just a trick or a joke. However when this latest UFO issue occur, UFO experts found it difficult to dismiss because there were lots of recorded videos taken, which shows the slow descending of the glowing orb.

So with that being said, some of the UFO enthusiast believed on the videos uploaded in the internet, why? It is because according them, this is only a final and clear proof that aliens really do exist though there are some who say that this unidentified object is the Hebrew God Elohim. In addition to that paranormal thing, if those are not aliens or UFO then what will it be? Knowing that flying over the Dome of the Rock landmark is highly prohibited, no one will of course take the courage to do something over the ancient Islamic shrine.

UFO sighted at Kibbutz Hatzor, Israel not explained
When everyone discovered the video, the paranormal thing about UFO became one of the topics in the debate. Some of them are asking whether UFOs are already starting to invade or those are just mere stories and edited videos.
There are reasons why the glowing orb over the Dome remains a mystery for others. Some of these are as follows:
• No one really knows who recorded the videos. And when seen on the internet, the person who uploaded it did not clearly identify his personality. He did not even leave a name with it. If you are one of those individuals who captured this amazing footage about UFO, there is no reason for you to upload videos anonymously.
• Aside from the fact that no one took the courage to make him known because of the video uploaded, only the videographers have reported about the scene wherein they have seen a glowing light over the Dome.
• Based on the videos shown, there is a voice of a woman saying that the mysterious light glowing over is so bright, which “you can almost hardly look at it”.
Despite of the videos and evidences shown about UFO hovering over the skyline Jerusalem, still everything remains a mystery not unless we really see a real alien in front of us.