Shag Harbour UFO incident

There are literally hundreds of UFO incidents reported each year in countries around the globe. What is interesting is that most of these reported incidents are filed by people who didn’t have any reason to make up stories or lie. Of course, there are certain UFO incidents that were so big that they have changed the perception of the public about the existence of extraterrestrial life. One of them was the Shag Harbour UFO incident. According to many UFO experts, the Shag Harbour Incident is the most important UFO-related incident on Canadian soil.

The incident happened on October 4, 1967 in a part of Canada where folk tales and stories about supernatural forces are very common. Because of the high number of witnesses, the story caught the attention of mass media and public in general.

The first person to report this incident was the experienced pilot of am Air Canada DC-9 airplane who notified the authorities about the presence of a huge rectangular object accompanied by different lights and series of explosions in the area above East Quebec at around 7:15 PM.

Without knowing about this report, there were many other people who called the authorities in the night between 4th and 5th October, 1967 to report the unusual object that was flying around the area before going down the area covered with water called The Sound which was connected to the Shag Harbour. One of the direct witnesses of this incident was Laurie Dickens who was driving on Highway 3 with four other individuals. At around 11 PM one of the passengers noticed a bright object and informed the others. They all saw the same thing – a large unidentified flying object with four blinking yellow lights going in the direction of the Sound. The object was on gone, but they have heard a splashing sound after a while. They have immediately decided to go in that direction and left their car on the shore. They were able to notice a yellow light about one mile from the shore.

The group drove a little bit further along the coast where they used a phone to notify the police. The police officer was skeptical and didn’t want to inform his colleagues, but another call with the same story made him change his mind. Corporal Werbicki informed constables Ron Pond and Ron O’Brien about the UFO incident and ask them to visit the place immediately. Meanwhile they have received three more calls from different places in this area from people describing the same thing.

Corporal Werbicki reached the shore with his men and two other locals who saw the object. They all assumed that this was some kind of plane accident. The search included two sailboats and soon after that four more boats joined the search, but nothing was found. Meanwhile officers were informed that there were no reports of plane accidents on that day. They have called of the search at 3 AM. The search continued the other day, but there was no trace of the object.
What is more interesting is that Canadian Forces Station Shelburne was located about 20 miles north of Shag Harbour. The station’s main focus was detection of submarines. A few days after the incident, the personnel of this station performed a coordinated military operation.
Shag Harbour UFO incident remains to be one of the biggest mysteries in modern Canadian history.