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Hundreds witness UFO hover over Shanghai

shanghai ufo

Reports out of China claim hundreds of people witness a huge UFO hover over the city of Shanghai for almost 10 hours. The UFO was described as a red circle with flashing red and yellow lights. Social media witnesses posts

CCTV video shows ghostly figure in road. – newsshopper

Ghost image CCTV

Ian Hawke, 42, of Overton Road, captured footage of a ghost on his CCTV. The ghostly video shows a figure in the road outside of his home. Mr. Hawke said “I was so shocked when I saw it – I

Spirit Photo at Fatal Accident – LEX18

Many social media posters believe this photo captures the chilling moment a spirit is leaving after a fatal motorcycle accident in Powell County Kentucky. The tragedy happened Tuesday on Highway 15 near Stanton. Officials state that the motorcycle driver was

Spirit orb visits baby captured on baby monitor – WWMT 3

spirit orb

(NEWSCHANNEL WWMT 3) – A Michigan mother believes a spirit visited her and her 1-year-old son Riley. The paranormal sighting of a spirit orb was captured on the baby monitor. Kayla Marie Cruz says she saw the bright spirit orb

A Miracle Happened at Saint Xavier Church – FOX13


The Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City is investigating a possible miracle that happened at the Saint Xavier church in Kearns, Utah. During a recent holy communion ceremony, a host wafer was returned to the father overseeing the religious service.

Unseen Force Tosses Cars Around

Found this interesting video on Live Leak today. It shows a small van and a few other vehicles being tossed around like matchbox cars somewhere in China. My first thought is mini tornado, but there is little reaction by the

Hypno-Exorcism Performed on Teen | Grimsby Telegraph

For the past year Sara and Richard Loche and their daughter Yasmin, have been tormented by paranormal activity in their Eleanor Street home. The Loche family reports clocks running backwards, objects moving around on shelves and even visions of spirit

Sibley Mill Ghost Stories | WRDW News12

The Sibley Mill closed ten years ago but it’s still a well known landmark around Augusta, Georgia. It’s also the place Karen Reyes, who worked there for 29 years, called her home away from home. She recounts some haunted history

Psychics called in after antique shop is ransacked by ghost. – North Devon Journal

Evil face carved in wardrobe

The owners of the Olden Ewe in Winner Street, Paignton, called in psychic mediums instead of police when their antique shop was trashed overnight. Owner Linda Bell freaked out after she came down to see that the shop had been

Woman Spots Bigfoot in West Sussex – ITV News

Bigfoot in Sussex

An image of a huge ape-like Bigfoot creature was captured by a Sussex woman named Caroline Toms. She managed to snap the grainy picture as the monster crossed her path while walking her dog through Angmering Park Estate in Arundel,