Police Officer Val Johnson UFO Incident

One of the biggest unsolved UFO mysteries of all time is known as the Val Johnson incident, which occurred in Minnesota August 27, 1979. Still one of the most unexplained incidents in UFO lore, there’s still much debate as to whether or not the incident was terrestrial in nature.

According to the official police report, the incident took place on 8-27-1979 when around 8pm deputy sheriff Val Johnson reported a 1
0-88 ( Officer needs assistance ). When the ambulance and sheriff Dennis Brekke arrived at the scene, Officer Johnson reported blacking out after seeing a bright light headed towards his vehicle. When he came to he discovered that his car was on the other side of the median and that his watch and the vehicle clock had stopped for exactly 14 minutes.

The incident took place about 1.1 miles south of County Hwy 5 near Stephen, Minnesota, and inspection of the police cruiser found extensive damage. Shattered windshield and hood bonnet, paired with a smashed headlight and bent radio antenna seemed to confirm that there was some physical impact that had taken place.

The light reported by officer Johnson described the bright light as hovering around 3 feet above the ground. The deputy sheriff turned onto Highway 220, the light turned and approached him at high speed until he blacked out. Before blacking out the officer reported hearing sounds of glass breaking and tires screeching, although he doesn’t recall ever hitting the brakes. After losing control and losing consciousness, Officer Johnson called in for assistance which led to a long investigation to what had happened.

There are several facts that make this case more than just slightly interesting, one of which was that the police cruiser was found over 1000 feet from the original point of impact. Further the deputy sheriff’s watch and clock inside the vehicle was late 14 minutes. Many crash experts have been called in to check and determine what had caused the damage, and to this day they are still unsure of what could have caused it. Many of these inconsistencies when it comes to the damage revolve around the small amounts of damage to the front of the car, as well as the bent antenna which was reported to be bent more than 90 degrees. According to most experts the antenna being bent in that fashion would have taken a large amount of force, whereas the front of the car doesn’t show damage that seems congruent with this theory.

Further there was evidence of bug residue along the antenna, with no forcible marks of trickery or deception. Forensic scientists claim that had this been an elaborate hoax, the bug residue would be missing or showing signs of someone manipulating the antenna.

Deputy sheriff Johnson suffered slight injuries that ranged from bumps and bruises, along with a set of burns to his eyes. The burns to his eyes have been described by doctors as welder’s burns or irritation that’s consistent with the bright light of welding arc.

The manner in which this incident unfolded definitely raises questions to whether or not there’s validity to Officer Johnson’s story. Today he’s retired and lives in seclusion, looking to escape the scrutiny and publicity that has followed him since the fateful night.