3 Most Convincing UFO Abductions

3 Most Convincing UFO Abductions

Throughout time, there have been many claims of alien abduction. In recent times, the problem has grown even larger, as advanced technology and software allows people to edit photo and video content as they please. Because there’s so much fabricated content available online, many people have shunned the idea of alien abductions, let alone alien existence, almost completely.

However, there are several well-documented alien abduction cases that have withstood the trials of time and advanced technology. Here are 3 of the most document, bone-chilling cases of alien abduction.

#1: Barney and Betty Hill, September 19, 1961

The “original” alien abduction case that inspired all of the aliens in movies to come. The couple Barney and Betty were driving from Canada to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. While driving on Route 3, they stopped their car on the side of the road when they saw a bright light moving through the sky. Before they knew it, the couple found themselves 35 miles further along their journey, and several hours had passed. However, their watches showed the same time at which they had seen the bright lights in the sky.

When Betty and Barney underwent hypnosis on individual accounts, they both described very similar incidents of being abducted by aliens and being experimented on. The aliens were described as having oversized eyes, large bald heads, and grey skin.

#2: Travis Walton, November 5, 1975

At the age of 22, Travis had been hired along with the rest of his logging crew to perform various duties at the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona. On November 5th, the crew had just completed their work for the day. Around 6pm, they all hopped back in the truck to head back home to Snowflake. After a few minutes of driving, however, they saw a brightly-lit object floating in the sky behind them. As the object moved closer, it appeared to be a flying disc-shaped object. Walton jumped out of the truck and ran toward the object. Once he was under the object, things took a turn for the worst. A beam of light from the disc struck Walton, lifting him into the air and throwing him onto the ground. Then, it “sucked” him into the spacecraft.

Despite intensive searches of the forest by cops and volunteers, Walton was nowhere to be seen for three days. On the third day, however, he was found in the forest, and told a story similar to Barney and Betty Hill of being experimented on by grey aliens with big eyes.

#3: Pascagoula River Incident, October 11, 1973

Another famous case of alien abduction. On the night of October 11, Hickson was fishing off a pier on the Pascagoula River with a friend, nineteen-year-old Calvin Parker Jr. While fishing, they heard a buzzing sound in the air. After a few moments, they witnessed an elongated UFO land on the ground nearby them, and three figures emerged from the aircraft. The aliens were grey, but had slits for eyes and mouths, with very sharp ears and noses. The two men were taken aboard the UFO, examined, and then returned to their fishing posts. The two men took a few moments to collect themselves before reporting the incident to the police.

This case is very convincing because Hickson took and passed a lie detector test. Also, when the two men were being questioned by the police, they were left alone in the room and secretly recorded. Instead of discussing a scam or pointing fingers at one another, the two men still seemed very confused and afraid as they shared their recollections of what happened.

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