12 People that had Sex with Ghosts History holds many tales of mortals mating with Gods, Spirits and Demons. We gathered 12 spooky stories of things that went hump in the night. These Horny Hauntings recount real life experiences of Spectraphelia. Many experience’s of these paranormal intimate encounters achieve suchRead More →

Could you be the Victim of an Energy Vampire? Here’s how to tell Vampires were always seen as the dark, fanged bedroom visitors that terrorized neighborhoods after dark and flew to their lair before sunrise in the form of a bat. This, was a much more romantic picture of them.Read More →

You’re Destined To See Ghosts If You Have These Astrological Combinations Did you ever wonder why, when there’s a haunting that one or two people in the home will experience ghost activity and others won’t? There’ve been theories thrown around for decades by ghost-hunters that seem to make sense. Then,Read More →

5 Creepy Videos of Ghosts Filmed in Hospitals. 1. CCTV THE POCONG The Pocong most often appear in Malaysian and Indonesian cultures. The recently deceased is commonly wrapped in a cloth. The spirit of the deceased is believed to stay suspended on the earth for 40 days. The burial shroudRead More →