Grave Mistake

karma served

I’m disgusted by anyone that would desecrate a grave site! We expect to rest peacefully in eternal slumber. Justice served as karma reaches up from below to grab this hooligan and show him the error of his ways. Related posts:

Reddit Ghost Photos

Spirit Photos

See Ghostly Granny photos to fireside demon visitors. Take a look around and decide for yourself what do you see? Welcome to the PSIFiles. 11 psychics that totally nailed it and 3 that didnt Celebrity Ghost Sightings Haunted Dolls Related

Florida Butterfly UFO

Florida couple witness unexplained multi-colored lights. Related posts: Giant UFO over Pampanga, Phillipines – Inquisitr Aliens – Hiding in Plain Sight. TWO UFO ABDUCTIONS FROM THE BIBLE 13 Musicians Who Witnessed UFOs 3 Most Convincing UFO Abductions Destined To See

Time Traveler Tells Terrible Tales of Tomorrow

Time traveler from 2045 told of future woman president, one world government and super computer Artificial Intelligence taking over. Toss in sex robots and we have the end of humanity as we know it! When I saw the original video

3 Most Convincing UFO Abductions

3 Most Convincing UFO Abductions Throughout time, there have been many claims of alien abduction. In recent times, the problem has grown even larger, as advanced technology and software allows people to edit photo and video content as they please.

10 Demonic Possession Movies Based on True Cases

10 Demonic Possession Movies Based on True Cases Some films weave in real-life events of demonic possession, blending such supernatural horror with on-screen inspiration. The following are ten terrifying stories that form the merger for many exorcist and demonic possession

13 Musicians Who Witnessed UFOs

13 Musicians Who Witnessed UFOs A 2012 poll discovered that 77% of Americans believe that UFOs (aliens) have often tried to communicate with earth. And many of these people are musicians. Here’s a list of them: 1. Nick Jonas Levels

12 Cases of Spectrophilia

12 Celebrities Reveal Erotic Encounters with Ghosts History holds many tales of mortals mating with Gods, Spirits and Demons. We gathered 12 spooky stories of things that went hump in the night. This list of Horny Hauntings recount real life