karma served

I’m disgusted by anyone that would desecrate a grave site! We expect to rest peacefully in eternal slumber. Justice served as karma reaches up from below to grab this hooligan and show him the error of his ways. Related posts:Read More →

Spirit Photos

See Ghostly Granny photos to fireside demon visitors. Take a look around and decide for yourself what do you see? Welcome to the PSIFiles. 11 psychics that totally nailed it and 3 that didnt Celebrity Ghost Sightings Haunted Dolls Related posts: Psychics called in after antique shop is ransacked byRead More →

Florida couple witness unexplained multi-colored lights. Related posts: Giant UFO over Pampanga, Phillipines – Inquisitr Aliens – Hiding in Plain Sight. TWO UFO ABDUCTIONS FROM THE BIBLE 13 Musicians Who Witnessed UFOs 3 Most Convincing UFO Abductions Destined To See Ghosts 11 Psychics that Totally Nailed it, and 3 NotRead More →

12 Celebrities Reveal Erotic Encounters with Ghosts History holds many tales of mortals mating with Gods, Spirits and Demons. We gathered 12 spooky stories of things that went hump in the night. This list of Horny Hauntings recount real life experiences of Spectrophilia. Many experience’s of these paranormal intimate encountersRead More →