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The Djinn and Shadow People

The Djinn and Shadow People For those who remember the iconic comedy series I Dream of Jeannie, you might recognize the dreaded Djinn. He is the giant blue dude with the turbin. Commonly associated with the middle east or portrayed

Energy Vampires Among Us

Could you be the Victim of an Energy Vampire? Here’s how to tell Vampires were always seen as the dark, fanged bedroom visitors that terrorized neighborhoods after dark and flew to their lair before sunrise in the form of a

When Ghosts Attack

How to Stop a Harassing Haunt Before You make it worse! If you ever watch ghost hunting shows, you may notice that the same sort of rituals are used time and again for ridding haunts and demons. It seems as

Destined To See Ghosts

You’re Destined To See Ghosts If You Have These Astrological Combinations Did you ever wonder why, when there’s a haunting that one or two people in the home will experience ghost activity and others won’t? There’ve been theories thrown around