11 Psychics that Totally Nailed it, and 3 that Didn’t 2

11 Psychics that Totally Nailed it, and 3 Not so Much.

3. Greta Alexander

Greta Alexander said she gained her psychic ability after being struck by lighting in 1961. She was 7 months pregnant at the time. She started having “feelings” about upcoming events she pushed off as pregnancy jitters. Within a year of a healthy baby being born Greta was doing readings and forecasts for clients. Once fully embracing her gifts she begun to help police to find missing persons and murder victims. Her amazing ability even crosses over in to the medical field. Ms. Alexander is credited with several psychic diagnosis of medical conditions for her clients. Warning them to see a doctor immediately to discover life threatening illnesses. There are her detractors about her abilities. Don Weber, the assistant state’s attorney in Madison County ordered his staff not to use Ms. Alexander for investigations. He said about her “She’s either a practicing witch, or a charlatan”.

4. Dorothy Allison

Dorothy Allison hails from a family of psychics. Her mother had passed the gift onto her. Since childhood Dorothy had visions of the future that would ultimately come true. At fourteen she predicted her fathers death and unfortunately her own at age 74. In her lifetime psychic career she never accepted money, believing that profiting from her gift was wrong. She is credited with helping solve 12 murders and over 50 missing person cases. Some of the most famous of her colabertions with police and FBI was working on the Patty Hearst kidnapping and the Son of Sam murders.

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