12 Cases of Spectrophilia 4

12 Celebrities Reveal Erotic Encounters with Ghosts

7). Paz de la Huerta

The Boardwalk Empire actress, Paz de la Huerta, was touring Graceland. She was with then boyfriend, Scott Weiland. While visiting the estate, Huerta claims to have had an erotic encounter with Elvis’s ghost. The paranormal performance occurred when Huerta was alone in Graceland’s in house recording studio where Elvis spent countless hours. “I felt Elvis’s spirit pass through my body and give me pleasure”. She described the encounter as similar to being tickled with a feather. She told the New York Times in 2011 that she has always had a fascination with Elvis and felt a spiritual connection to the legendary singer.

8). Lucy Liu

The Charlie’s Angels actress told Us Weekly that back in 1999, she had a sensual paranormal encounter with a ghost. While laying on a futon in her home, a spirit presence laid on top of her and “made love to me”. She told the magazine, “It was sheer bliss, I felt everything, I climaxed and then the phantom floated away”. Liu hasn’t reported any more Ectogasmic visits by spirits. She did say the experience was touching and now feels her paranormal lover watches over her.

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