12 Cases of Spectrophilia 5

12 Celebrities Reveal Erotic Encounters with Ghosts

9). Ron Artest

This former Lakers player said he had a romantic encounter with several ghosts at once. Now an NBA coach, known as Metta World Peace, he recalled the event that happened while attending an out of town game. The team was booked to stay in a notoriously haunted Oklahoma City hotel, The Skirvin. The hotel has a raunchy reputation. Past male guests have reported sexy overnight encounters with ghosts. Some guests have also reported seeing a female ghost naked roaming the halls. Mr. Artest has his own personal account with the ghost named Elffie. He described the encounter as feeling hands touching him all over, touching him in the wrong places.

10). Bobby Brown

In a 20/20 interview with host Robin Roberts, Bobby Brown dropped an unexpected bombshell. Brown caught the interviewer by surprise when he recalled experiencing a supernatural, sexual encounter. Brown went on to say, “I bought a really spooky mansion in Georgia. It was a really scary place”. One night he woke up being sexually aroused by a ghost. He felt the pressure on top of him, “I was being mounted by a ghost”. Brown went on to confirm that he was not under the influence of any mind altering substances. He said it was a very vivid and real experience.

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