10 Demonic Possession Movies Based on True Cases

10 Demonic Possession Movies Based on True Cases

Some films weave in real-life events of demonic possession, blending such supernatural horror with on-screen inspiration. The following are ten terrifying stories that form the merger for many exorcist and demonic possession films.

1. The Entity

This book and film was influenced by the true story of a single mom who claimed to have been raped by ghosts in her home in Culver City, California earlier in the 1970s. Doris Blither and her four children reported several cases of weird abuse and attack.

Initially, doctors disputed her claims. But two paranormal researchers investigated and found strange evidences that reinforced Doris’ claims. Dr. Barry Taff and Kerry Gaynor observed bruising among other baffling activities.

Even after Doris moved out, she was still haunted. Strange thing though, the boy who acted as Doris’ teenage son (whose arm had been broken during the attacks) also had his arm broken while acting the movie. Coincidental?

2. The Exorcist

No question, this film remains a horror classic that perfectly describes the demonic possession of Roland Doe in the late 1940s. After his aunt’s death, his family experienced demonic activity. In her lifetime, she had been a spiritualist and shared a Ouija board with Doe.

Doe soon began to exhibit scary behaviors – demonic voice and hatred of holy things, and this caused the Lutheran church to perform an exorcism. He was later moved to Georgetown University Hospital where he stayed with a Catholic priest and other exorcisms were done.

Thirty rituals later, Doe was released from the demons and believed to live a happy life. Skeptics however, assumed otherwise.

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