12 Cases of Spectrophilia

12 Celebrities Reveal Erotic Encounters with Ghosts

History holds many tales of mortals mating with Gods, Spirits and Demons. We gathered 12 spooky stories of things that went hump in the night. This list of Horny Hauntings recount real life experiences of Spectrophilia. Many experience’s of these paranormal intimate encounters achieve such powerful Ectogasms that they prefer love making with phantom partners over flesh and blood.

1). Sian Jameson

Looking for a fresh start after a recent breakup, 26 year old Sian Jameson left London for the Welsh countryside. She rented a small remote 16th century furnished cottage complete with a historic painting of a handsome young man. Shortly after moving in, she awoke to find the dark-haired man from the painting lying next to her in bed. She described the entity as shimmering. She felt a light cool hand touch her waist and run up her thigh under her night-shirt. She described very gentle and passionate lovemaking. She sensed his name was Robert and he had lived over 100 years ago. After having several intimate encounters, Sian admits to falling deeply in love with her spectral seducer. Unfortunately Robert stopped showing up and Sian is left longing for her spirit lover to return.

2). Anna Nicole Smith

Anna admitted her secret Spectrophilia ghost fetish in an interview with FHM magazine. Several years ago living in a Texas apartment, she said a ghost would crawl up her leg and have intercourse with her. At first she thought it was her boyfriend but one day she woke up to find out it wasn’t him. She freaked out when she realized it was a ghostly lover. She said the spirit never hurt her and gave her pleasure. Anna said she had no problem with her otherworldly encounters and welcomed his intimate visitations.

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