13 Musicians Who Witnessed UFOs

13 Musicians Who Witnessed UFOs

A 2012 poll discovered that 77% of Americans believe that UFOs (aliens) have often tried to communicate with earth. And many of these people are musicians. Here’s a list of them:

1. Nick Jonas

Levels singer, Nick Jonas had his interest in UFOs kindled, thanks to a close encounter he had with the extraterrestrials in 2007. While at his backyard with his friend, he saw three flying saucers in the L.A. sky and was quick to ask his friend if he could see the same thing. This was the beginning of his UFO obsession.

Despite his questions about what he saw, he found some confirmation on the internet. Two weeks before his UFO sighting, there had been three identical sightings. He explained this mind-boggling incidence eight years later in an interview with U.K.’s ITV.

2. Tom DeLonge

In 2016, it became apparent that Guitarist Tom DeLonge had keener passion for UFOs than his band. Two years prior to that time in San Diego, he and his wife noticed two sets of light emerging playfully in more than one location.
That night, he took to the social media to describe how happy he was that he had watched this UFO sighting for 30 minutes, even though some others had observed it for an hour.
He had a more shocking experience at Area 51, Nevada in 2015 when he noticed a fire outside his tent. The aliens had a group talk which felt like a meeting of 20 people.

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