12 People that had Sex with Ghosts 2

12 People that had Sex with Ghosts

3). Natasha Blasick

Actress Natasha Blasick coincidentally had a role in Paranormal Activity 2. She tells a very graphic supernatural sex story. She was laying in bed and felt something in the room with her. There was no one in the room when she started to feel something touching her all over and even down there. She could feel the pressure of something on top of her. “I actually felt penetration.” She enjoyed the intimate encounter with the ghost and described it as really pleasurable.

4). Coco Austin

Former Playboy Model and reality TV star, Austin claims a perverted spirit sexualy harassed her. The entity would appear whenever she was in the shower or getting dressed. The ghost followed her for several moves and wouldn’t take no for an answer. She said one time in the middle of the day, she was watching TV on the couch wearing a nightie. She felt her dress slide up her leg. Slightly confused she pushed her nightie back down and continued to watch TV. Several seconds later she could feel it pushing back up again and could actually see it move. At that moment she also felt heavy breathing in her ear. Coco said that once her and Ice T started dating the spirit finally stopped spirit stalking her.

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