Alien Implants and Dr Roger Leir

Alien Implants and Dr Roger Leir.

One day, we will find ourselves waking up from an unusual dream full of fantasy from a virtually dark place with scary faces, and lying on a table. Also, when we look properly we will find a sore spot on the back of our neck, maybe, or our foot, or some other place. What’s more, there’s an irregularity under the skin. What’s that irregularity? It is one of the groups of the individuals who believe the Earth is routinely visited by outsiders from another planet who snatch us and experiments on us before returning us to our bed. This is known as the Alien implant.
The implant is regularly portrayed as a smaller scale mechanical gadget or some likeness thereof which transmits radio waves back to the aliens. Some of these individuals have had X-rays taken, objects have shown up on the X-rays, and a couple of specialists have evacuated these objects. The subject is an entrancing one because if everything were to turn out just as it was in the stories, we’d have testable, physical confirmation of alien cultures. Though there were others who discuss alien implants, the man whose name is most prominent with them was Dr Roger Leir, a podiatrist and foot specialist. Before he died in 2014, he guaranteed to have expelled 50 such gadgets from patients, a number which is gravely suspicious, as it appears to have multiplied twice over couple of years before his death with no new photos or contextual analyses shown. This was one of Dr Leir’s final introductions, so we can securely see it as the most elite confirmation.

One of the cases about Alien implants which has existed since the phenomenon was first recorded, and which has Dr Leir backings is that they communicate radio signals. Dr Leir says they transmit what he called as a “deep space frequency”, which he gave as 14.749650 MHz.

Virtually all papers publicizing alien implants incorporate the claim that they consolidate biological tissue, as though they are minor cybernetic gadgets. Dr Leir became more distinct than many, pressing his finding that they are encased in a capsule, majorly keratin or collagen. This ought not to astonish anybody in the medical sector. It’s known as a foreign body granuloma, and it’s the means by which the human body engulfs a foreign body to shield itself from it. Based on what the foreign body consists of, this fibrous tissue conforms to the question, as much as 2mm thick. Producers of medical implants must be held responsible, and it’s one reason they prefer titanium to stainless steel, as it causes less of an encapsulation reaction.

There are positively a lot of different claims about alien implants. However, they’re altogether bolstered just by recounted reports, with no significant evidence. The truth is that anyone can fall, trip, venture on things, work in industries or have to engage in delivering splinters and almost every one of us have debris embedded somewhere in our skin. It is left for the alien implant believers to open their minds to the likelihood that their favoured explanation is not the main conceivable one.

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