Black Knight Satellite

‘Black night satellite’- …and the mystery still continues!
As an individual, you come across a number of facts and situations every single day that help you grow your knowledge and make you a better, learned individual. However among these known and enlightening facts lie the secrets and untold facts that create a lot of stir and anxiety. There may be a large number of facts about life, earth and the universe that must be startling you every now and then and luckily you can easily find the rightful answers to these questions through a number of means such as by reading books, searching through net or asking your seniors about the same. Despite of exceptional expertise and technology availability, human beings still haven’t found the rightful answers about a lot of things- the most intriguing and mysterious one being the black night satellite.
Known as the legendry alien satellite- the black night satellite was recently captured on camera when it was seen passing the international space station and the moon. While the artificial satellites from Earth were sent to the space just 60-65 years back, this mysterious satellite is known for orbiting around the earth for the last 13000 years. This unusual yet enlightening fact about artificial man made satellites is bound to give anyone chills down the spine because the presence of a moving satellite that has no relation with earth surely signals something paranormal and non-human, the presence of aliens may be!
The stories of Unidentified flying objects is not new to the mankind, a number of people have claimed to witness UFO’s from time to time in the different parts of the world but until today, no conclusive evidences have been collected to enunciate the same. However, there is a huge difference between unnamed and unpopular UFO encounters and the black Knight satellite that has been seen orbiting in the space several number of times and has even been captured.
To know better about this so called alien satellite, we decided to dig deep into this matter and found a number of startling facts about this mysterious flying object, a few of which are enlisted below:
• First discovery
In 1899, man named Nikola Tesla created a high voltage radio device in order to send and receive radio signals. Little did he realize that his experiment would lead him to intercept the very first signals from none other than the Black knight satellite. Since then, various monitoring agencies around the world have claimed to receive radio signals from this mysterious satellite and the intriguing part of the story is that NASA regularly receives signals from the black knight.
• The first visual proof
Though the first traceable radio signals from this mysterious satellite were transmitted to Earth in the year 1899, it took around 60 years to photograph and visually prove the very existence of the black knight. Dr Luis Corralos of Venezuela was the first man to capture this mysterious satellite orbiting around the Earth while photographing Sputnik II. Apart from photographing this satellite, Dr Luis observed a very strange yet intriguing thing about the orbit of this satellite. He observed that while Sputnik I and II, the artificial man made satellites sent from Earth to the space orbited West to East side using Earth’s natural orbit, the Black Knight orbited from East to west, thereby substantiating the fact that there was something unusual and paranormal about this satellite.
• The worldwide stir
Countries like United states of America and Russia which was Soviet Union at that time showed particular interest in the mysterious black knight satellite but both of them had to wait for another 3 years to launch the first polar orbit satellite that had the capability of tracing down activities happening around our planet Earth. It was in the year 1960 that black knight was located in the polar orbit of the earth. If the estimates and observations of the scientists in that time are to be believed then, the black knight weighed 10 tons and was the heaviest artificial satellite orbiting the earth at that particular time.
• The Grumman hype
Until the 1950’s, black knight did receive quite a lot of media and public attention, however the real hype about this mysterious and alien satellite can be attributed to the type of attention and importance it got from the Grumman Aircraft Corporation. It was in the year 1963 that a tracking camera at the Grumman Aircraft’s Island factory captured the Black knight satellite and the Corporation suddenly formed a full-fledged committee to study the transmissions and data received from the black knight. Though nothing was made public at that particular time but later on the observations noted by the Corporation made a lot of public stir.
• And that’s what sealed the deal!
Up till now, a number of theories had been developed about this mysterious roaming satellite orbiting around the earth, however major observation about this particular satellite were reported on two popular occasions. Firstly, in the year 1963 when the newly launched artificial satellite Gordon Cooper reported to see a glowing green object on its last orbit around the planet. The Australian Muchea tracking station to which this satellite reported traced this satellite immediately but people still remained clueless about its ware bouts.
On the second occasion, Ham Radio operator apparently decoded a series of signals received from this so called UFO satellite and interpreted the same. It was a star center chart analysis that pointed on the fact that the black knight originated from the Epsilon Bootes Star System around 13000 years ago.
After tracing down the infamous journey of this mysterious satellite, all we can say is that it is hard or rather impossible to deny the very existence and presence of the black knight satellite. The official photographs released by NASA along with other substantial evidence clearly point out towards the presence of a mysterious, technologically driven satellite that doesn’t belong to humans living on earth. Whether the black knight belongs to the beings living on some other planet or to the aliens who are interested to keep an eye on our activities, we’ll let you wonder and ponder upon these questions.