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Homeland Security UFO Video Footage –

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The video shows a UFO coming out of the water and splitting in two. It was filmed by the US Department of Homeland Security. The unidentified flying object was estimated to be traveling at 90mph under water and 120mph in

UFOs spotted over multiple cities – Newbury Weekly

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STRANGE lights in the skies over Hungerford are now appearing in Lambourn. Since the original story (in the Hungerford edition of the Newbury Weekly News and on Several others also reported seeing the same object over Cirencester (in Gloucestershire).”  

Flying saucer zips past Virgin Atlantic airplane – Mirror Online

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The unidentified flying saucer first appears behind the plane’s tail then accelerates past at high speed. The footage from July, shows the object zooming past the plane at tok-off from New York’s JFK airport. Curated from ‘Flying saucer’ UFO caught

Giant UFO over Pampanga, Phillipines – Inquisitr

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UFO enthusiasts suggest this sighting could be proof of aliens. The massive Unidentified Flying Object was witnessed by hundreds of independent witnesses in Pampanga, the Philippines on the night of April 26, 2015. Curated from Giant UFO Mothership Over Pampanga,

Seven witnesses spot TWO triangle UFOs in Sedona, AZ

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Seven witnesses on a UFO sightings tour in Sedona, AZ, reported watching two amber-colored, triangle-shaped UFOs, according to the (MUFON) reporting database. The event occurred about 10 p.m. in June 2015 “We all saw two large, amber colored, triangle shape,

Viewer sends news station photo of UFO in Bismarck – WDAZ 8

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This photo was sent to WDAZ 8 by a viewer from Bismarck. She cannot identify the object.   Curated from Viewer sends news station photo of UFO in Bismarck – WDAZ 8 [ratings] Related articles across the web Beware! This normal

10 UFOs flying over Japan — RT News

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A sighting in Japan’s port city of Osaka displays a swarm of white unidentified flying objects. Curated from 10 UFOs flying over Japan — RT News [ratings] Related articles across the web Beware! This normal looking home is actually Australia’s

Photo evidence of UFO over Peterborough? – Express UK

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The wildlife photographer took the photos when she heard a loud screeching sound and first thought it was a bird.  “I heard this really high-pitched sound so I quickly got my camera out and took a couple of pictures.  I