Ghost Slap?

This unexplained video was sent to us by a international member on December 3rd, 2017

The video shows a young woman being violently thrown to the pavement by some invisible, possibly paranormal force.

The incedent was captured by a business CCTV outside on a busy street corner.

You see the woman pause while walking then a sudden shove or push flings her body several feet towards the street.

Seconds after the possible spiritual attack, an orb anomoly can be seen leaving camera frame in the upper left corner of the unexplained video.

A suspicious truck drives by and I think that there may have been something like a wire being dragged by the truck somehow.

In an attempt to rule out a rogue wire hypothesis I note a taller man also in the video. Unfortunetly he is bending over.

He is clearly bending over due to a dirstaction on the ground and not bending to dodge an approaching obsticle.

Even if it’s not a ghost attack and we find a tangled wire is the culprit the luck the man has is amazing.

Could a guardian angel have dropped something to save him from decapitation?

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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