20 Real-Life Haunted Dolls to Play with in Your Nightmares!


Mandy the haunted doll

Mandy is an old soul, dated to the early 1900s. Most likely from Germany. Her age sadly shows on her cracked face and tattered body. Owners report the sounds of a crying baby and finding objects strewn about in empty rooms when she is present. Mandy has since been donated to the Quesnel Museum in British Columbia who now coincidentally started experiencing moved and missing objects.


Pulau Ubin Haunted Barbie

Pulau Ubin Barbie is housed in the Lady Na Tuk Kong temple in Peru. The shrine was originally a memorial dedicated to a young German girl that died tragically. Several years ago the memorial urn was replaced with this Barbie. A dedicated visitor to the shrine had a recurring dream. He was guided to a specific shop for this specific Barbie by the spirit of the girl. Following the premonitions directions he saw his dreams were correct and located the exact Barbie doll from his visions. She is believed to grant spiritual healing and financial success to women who bring offers of rosewater and cosmetics to her shrine.


Singapore Blind Doll

The Singapore blinded doll was found abandoned on a street with a cloth tied over her eyes. Mysterious Arabic writing on the cloth reads “In The Name of God”. She is said to follow and haunt any person that uncovers her eyes. What horrors has she seen? Local residents close to the spot where she was found report having nightmares and an unusually high rate of suicides since her arrival.


Old Man haunted puppet

Old Man Puppet reports date back to the 1960s. He has been witnessed animated more than once. Past owners claim he can’t stay still while one even reported a physical confrontation. During the attack the Old Man Puppet attempted to strangle his owner with his very own strings. A murderous, mobile marionette.

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