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3 Most Convincing UFO Abductions

3 Most Convincing UFO Abductions Throughout time, there have been many claims of alien abduction. In recent times, the problem has grown even larger, as advanced technology and software allows people to edit photo and video content as they please.

Aliens – Hiding in Plain Sight.

Aliens – A Conspiracy that may have Eluded you. If you have sharp hearing and strong focus you’ll see the type of conspiracy I’m going to point out and no, I’m not the first to see this. If you happen

MUFON Executive Director Interviewed by FORBES?

MUFON — love them or hate them, you’ve gotta admit they’re the 900-lb. gorillas of the American UFO scene. And since working on UFO-related projects is so stigmatized by the mainstream media, we’re even MORE shocked that Forbes magazine, mostly

Giant UFO over Pampanga, Phillipines – Inquisitr

UFO Picture

UFO enthusiasts suggest this sighting could be proof of aliens. The massive Unidentified Flying Object was witnessed by hundreds of independent witnesses in Pampanga, the Philippines on the night of April 26, 2015. Curated from Giant UFO Mothership Over Pampanga,