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13 Musicians Who Witnessed UFOs

13 Musicians Who Witnessed UFOs A 2012 poll discovered that 77% of Americans believe that UFOs (aliens) have often tried to communicate with earth. And many of these people are musicians. Here’s a list of them: 1. Nick Jonas Levels

Aliens – Hiding in Plain Sight.

Aliens – A Conspiracy that may have Eluded you. If you have sharp hearing and strong focus you’ll see the type of conspiracy I’m going to point out and no, I’m not the first to see this. If you happen

Hundreds witness UFO hover over Shanghai

shanghai ufo

Reports out of China claim hundreds of people witness a huge UFO hover over the city of Shanghai for almost 10 hours. The UFO was described as a red circle with flashing red and yellow lights. Social media witnesses posts

Star map drawn by UFO abducted Betty Hill in 1960s matched to constellation – Mirror Online

Zeta Reticuli

One of the first Alien Abduction cases was claimed by Betty and Barney Hill from New Hampshire in the 60s. The couple claimed that they were taken aboard a UFO and examined by Alien beings. Betty drew a map of

UFO sighted with military jet – Shoreham Herald

ufo photo

The object goes behind cloud briefly. This is a still from the video and zoomed in. The results are interesting. At least one other person saw the object. “The object appears right after the Vulcan bomber has gone out of

Flying saucer zips past Virgin Atlantic airplane – Mirror Online

UFO Image

The unidentified flying saucer first appears behind the plane’s tail then accelerates past at high speed. The footage from July, shows the object zooming past the plane at tok-off from New York’s JFK airport. Curated from ‘Flying saucer’ UFO caught

Viewer sends news station photo of UFO in Bismarck – WDAZ 8

UFO Photo

This photo was sent to WDAZ 8 by a viewer from Bismarck. She cannot identify the object.   Curated from Viewer sends news station photo of UFO in Bismarck – WDAZ 8 [ratings] Related articles across the web Beware! This normal

Antarctic ‘UFO’ Spotted on Google Maps

UFO crash Antarctic

Alien Hunter Finds #UFO In Antarctica Using Google Earth A Russian ET-hunter says he has found the wreckage of a UFO – using Google Earth. Valentin Degterev from the city of Nizhny Tagil in central Russia who calls himself a