The Pirate’s House

The Pirate’s House, Savannah, Georgia
Built in 1734, The Pirate’s House is one of the oldest buildings in the state of Georgia. Located in the historic district of Savannah, this property is reportedly one of the most active sites for paranormal activity in the region. The Pirate’s House, which has now been converted into a restaurant, has a long history spanning more than 250 years long. As many people who have visited the site will testify, not everyone who has ever lived in the Pirate’s House has “left” it in the end. Sightings, voices, and paranormal experiences are what define this place now. Different locations of the property have reportedly been the center of a variety of paranormal activities.

The Restaurant
This is where the people have reported the most activity. The restaurant staff has reported that they have seen misty figures walk through the rooms and even in the restaurant. They have also supposedly seen what seem to be pirate-like figures in the building. Many locals have also reported many such sightings from outside the building. Many have posted photographs, which they claim to be figures peeking out of windows or figures walking around the corridors. While many of the pictures have been debunked as being reflections from the window panes, distortion of light, and so on, some are still waiting for an explanation.

The Tunnels
The stories of how these tunnels were put to use in the past have become legends now. Apparently, drunk men would pass out in the bar above, and were then taken through these tunnels and loaded onto a ship. When they would wake up, they would already be miles away from the shore and so, forced to work on the ship. People have heard moans and disembodied voices coming out of these tunnels, which could never be explained. The tunnels were eventually sealed off.

The First and the Second Floor
The staff has also reported physical movement of objects in the building. In the dining area on the first floor, the staff says that they have witnessed chairs moving on their own. The second floor has also been a hot spot for many shadowy figures. A particular entity, in what is often said to be a pirate attire, is said to have appeared there multiple times. The creepiest claim has to be the laughter that has been heard by many working in the restaurant or even the guests visiting it. People are convinced that it is a pirate that has decided to stay back in the restaurant.

Is It Haunted?
It is hard to say. While many paranormal enthusiasts have visited the place, only a few have been successful in catching some disembodied voices, and that too not conclusively often. The apparitions have been seen on numerous accounts, but there is no hard video proof for it. Pirate’s House is a great restaurant with all the modern amenities and great food. But there is something more to it that lurks in the shadows. As to what is it, and whether it is real, it is to be seen in the future.