10 Demonic Possession Movies Based on True Cases 3

10 Demonic Possession Movies Based on True Cases

5. The Haunting in Connecticut

The Snedekers innocently moved into a funeral home in Southington, Connecticut, and their paranormal encounter is the basis for this film. They had only wanted a place that would allow them be close to their cancer-stricken son who was in a hospital there.

Carmen Snedeker and her family soon noticed demons and noises in the halls at night. They confirmed their suspicions when they checked the basement and found mortuary equipment.

Ed and Lorraine Warren, renowned paranormal investigators found evidences of necrophilia and necromancy. As a result, they ensured that the house and its occupants received an exorcism. Not too long after though, the Snedekers left the house.

6. The Devils

This 1971 film was directed after the life account of Urbain Grandier, a 17th Century Catholic priest who had been executed and burned at the stake for allegedly practicing sorcery on a convent of Ursuline nuns. The priest, however, insisted on his innocence till his death.

The nuns claimed that they were possessed and pregnant, and they were observed to scream, speak in tongues, and try to lure men. They were restored through a public exorcism which a huge crowd attended.

Speculation has it that this prominent priest may have been wrongly connected with these events because of his affairs with royal women of Loudun.

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