12 Celebrities Reveal Erotic Encounters with Ghosts

5). Kesha

Singer, songwriter and part time actress Kesha, admitted to having sexy supernatural spirit romps with a passionate phantom. She claims her and her ghostly lover have had multiple erotic encounters together. She doesn’t know her sultry spirit’s name and really doesn’t care. Kesha described her feelings as being very positive and she is open to more sexual encounters with the paranormal. The sensual supernatural episodes were so satisfying she wrote a song about it. Kesha penned the song “Supernatural” that describes the thrill of freaky fornication.

6). Contessa Adams

Ministry director and author, Contessa Adams opened up to Charisma magazine about her former life as a stripper. Adams claims while working in the adult industry, she was possessed by demons that repeatedly had their way with her sexually. The evil entities were enticing her to Santeria, Voodoo and Devil worship. The Demons even tried to get her to become a lesbian. Fortunately her life has turned around, after finding Jesus, Contessa joined the ministry. She left her old life behind except she still has the craving for the sexual spiritual interludes. She said that after her spectral romance, she can’t find the same lustful level of paranormal pleasure with any man.

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