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Woman Spots Bigfoot in West Sussex – ITV News

Bigfoot in Sussex

An image of a huge ape-like Bigfoot creature was captured by a Sussex woman named Caroline Toms. She managed to snap the grainy picture as the monster crossed her path while walking her dog through Angmering Park Estate in Arundel,

Hunting Bigfoot in Indiana – FOX59

Tyra Cataline describes the time her and some friends came face to face with an Indiana Bigfoot. “We thought we were going to die. All three of us thought we were going to die,” she said. In another recent report

The Mogollon Monster – Fox News 10

Mogollon Monster

Mogollion monster sightings date back to the 1940s. For many years it has been just a spooky campfire story. The the bigfoot like creature is believed to live along the Mogollon rim in northeastern Arizona. The Mogollon monster is suspected

Bigfoot sighting in Henderson County, N.C. – Citizen Times


  A man in Henderson County, North Carolina sent in this video showing what he believed to be Sasquatch. He spotted the Bigfoot while walking his dog. “Either there’s a Sasquatch out there or someone is trying to play a

Texas woman leaves buckets of food for Bigfoot family – Hartford Top News

A Texas woman claims to have some strange neighbors. Her neighbors are a family of three #bigfoot(s). They throw rocks at her house and she can hear them talking just outside her windows. The woman who identified herself only as

New Bigfoot Video Emerges From Florida

Florida Skunk Ape

http://www.inquisitr.com/1805684/new-#bigfoot-video-emerges-from-florida-does-this-clip-show-a-real-skunk-ape/ New Bigfoot Video Emerges From Florida: Does This Clip Show A Real #Skunk Ape? image: http://cdn.inquisitr.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Bigfoot-Florida-670-665×385.jpg A new video has emerged, purporting to show a Bigfoot as it meanders through a Florida swamp, and though some have questioned its