New Bigfoot Video Emerges From Florida

New Bigfoot Video Emerges From Florida: Does This Clip Show A Real ?


The cip was filmed in Lettuce Lake Park, near Tampa, Florida.

A new video has emerged, purporting to show a Bigfoot as it meanders through a Florida swamp, and though some have questioned its authenticity, others assert that the clip depicts a real Sasquatch.

 Matthew McKamey was canoeing with a friend in Lettuce Lake Park, near Tampa, when he captured the video, according to the Huffington Post. As the duo paddled through the swamp around 1 p.m., they heard a noise and noticed movement in the trees, prompting McKamey to start filming with his cell phone.


“Initially, it was exciting and it was like, ‘Oh, is that a bear? That’s pretty cool’,” he recalled. “When we moved up closer, it started to look less and less like a bear. That’s the point where I decided to start filming. In that moment, I was looking at it and getting a little freaked out, especially once it started really moving.”

As the two men watched the Bigfoot, McKamey’s friend moved one of their paddles, making a noise that caught the creature’s attention. The duo had the sense that the Bigfoot was aware of their presence, and McKamey continued to capture video until the creature walked off.

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The video was turned over to the Huffington Post, as well as Bigfoot Evidence, who examined the footage and passed it on to Phil Poling, a former Oregon police officer who dissects Bigfoot videos on his YouTube channel, ParaBreakdown. When questioned about the clip, Poling asserted that there are certain aspects of the video that detract from the idea that it is a hoax.

“The mannerisms of the subject appear to be very apelike in its behavior — [the way] it dips its hand down into the water and brings it up. We don’t know if it’s drinking or washing. Its movements seem rather fluid,” he observed.

Stabilizing the footage, Poling asserted that the Bigfoot appears to react to the sound of the paddle. He also pointed out that after spotting the men, the creature simply wandered off, a behavior consistent with other Bigfoot sightings.Earlier this month, a photo of a Bigfoot-like creature in a Florida swamp emerged. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the image proved to be a fake, with clearly visible evidence of digital editing.

Poling also pointed out that McKamey turned over the video to Bigfoot Evidence without asking for anything in return, citing his actions as further evidence that the clip may be genuine. McKamey and his friend, for their part, assert that they have no desire to return to the area, even to seek out the Bigfoot in their video.

[Image: Matthew McKamey via Bigfoot Evidence]


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