MUFON — love them or hate them, you’ve gotta admit they’re the 900-lb. gorillas of the American UFO scene. And since working on UFO-related projects is so stigmatized by the mainstream media, we’re even MORE shocked that Forbes magazine, mostly known for its news about CEO lifestyles and business deals,Read More →

shanghai ufo

Reports out of China claim hundreds of people witness a huge UFO hover over the city of Shanghai for almost 10 hours. The UFO was described as a red circle with flashing red and yellow lights. Social media witnesses posts claimed it was visible for several hours while skeptics believeRead More →

UFO Picture

STRANGE lights in the skies over Hungerford are now appearing in Lambourn. Since the original story (in the Hungerford edition of the Newbury Weekly News and on Several others also reported seeing the same object over Cirencester (in Gloucestershire).”   Curated from They’re back! Now UFO is spotted over LambournRead More →