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10 Demonic Possession Movies Based on True Cases

10 Demonic Possession Movies Based on True Cases Some films weave in real-life events of demonic possession, blending such supernatural horror with on-screen inspiration. The following are ten terrifying stories that form the merger for many exorcist and demonic possession

Guide-for-Personal-Spiritual-Cleaning 1

Guide for Personal Spiritual Cleaning Introduction So, you’re experiencing some spiritual issues and you’re in need of personal, spiritual cleansing. I’ll bet that the only knowledge of any spiritual cleansing is from Hollywood movies and ghost hunting shows. While there’s

Haunted house: Terraced three-bed property to rent on Rightmove has ‘resident poltergeist’

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The terraced three-bedroom home in Toxteth, Liverpool, is allegedly #haunted by a 135-year-old spectre called the Pickwick Poltergeist.The poltergeist supposedly once lifted a former tenant out of her bed in a scene that would have resembled reports from the Enfield