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Guide for Personal Spiritual Cleaning


So, you’re experiencing some spiritual issues and you’re in need of personal, spiritual cleansing. I’ll bet that the only knowledge of any spiritual cleansing is from Hollywood movies and ghost hunting shows. While there’s some truth and effectiveness in what you may already know from these sources; the type of cleansing done is relative to the person and the situation. There are 2 sections to this guide that will give you enough information to protect yourself and your home.

Section One | What you need to know for a personal or home cleansing to be effective as per my experience

There are forces that are at work everyday in the unseen. Each person has a particular mission on this planet and the fulfillment of that chosen cause, even in the lives of the simple may include a brush with the unseen for good or for bad. In my experience as first a mystic and a Vedic Astrologer I know without a shadow of a doubt that certain planetary periods that run your life can cause a psychic attack; leave you open to negative energies and allow you to be touched by dark forces. At the end of the guide I’ll let you know how you can find out when or if that period will come for you, why it’s happening and what you can do to protect yourself.

The Astrological Significance of Psychic Attack and Ghostly Encounters

Vedic Astrology is different than western in the way that it is much older, and most of us that study it feel much more accurate. In short western astrology is 26 degrees off putting most people in a different zodiac. In regards to psychic attack and ghostly encounters, the dasha periods are what need to be looked at. In-short, each planet rules a certain period of your life and when that happens, in conjunction with other factors in the chart and transits, that part of your chart is then activated. All of a sudden, you could experience ghostly encounters or worse–even demon possession. However, a lot of things need to take place before something so extreme happens. During this time these people may be the only ones in a home experiencing such a disturbing event, much to the chagrin of their family members who may not be experiencing it They may feel alone and like they’re losing their minds.

Other Influences that may have brought on the event

Being in a depressed or vulnerable mood or taking drugs of any kind including Marijuana or alcohol can lay you open to some serious attachments. There are forces and low-vibration spirits that hang around waiting for some host that’s relaxed or having negative emotions to feed on. These things can influence your thoughts, general life and your health!

What Cleaning Really Means:

It’s been my long-standing educated opinion, having been around the block in this arena for a few decades that there are no hard and fast tools to clean yourself or your home. But, I mean this in a good way. Let me explain…

As you’ve probably seen on TV most people that clean themselves or a home use one of two things: Sage or a Crucifix and Bible. Now, I have seen both work and both fail; however, with the religious stuff I have seen attacks, especially on Catholics and Christians come back pretty hard after the use of religious relics. I have seen a house and a person spiritually stabilized by sage but having to perform it several times or everyday for an extended period of time as well as it working the first time round. After a while I began to research other ways to cleans and looked the results. It was the same regardless of the background or the belief system of the person So, here is my conclusion as it still stands: You could be using something or nothing and whether it works or not depends on a few factors.

1. Is the person experiencing a karmic issue that is what we call in Vedic astrology “Fixed Karma” ? This means we have to equip them to ride out that karma until its completion and then the experience will subside. Typically you do all you can first then you look into that astrologically.
2. Is the person not vibrationally aligned to something higher or are they still aligned with fear? If it’s the ladder, it may hold them hostage to the spiritual attachment.

Steps are taken in each of these situations to suite what we believe as being a spiritual attachment to the person.

Your Home and Possessions are an Extension of you.

When you have an attachment to a person’s aura it’s natural that the home and their possessions be considered for cleansing. It depends on the situation: in the case of the home being haunted, cleaning the people and the possessions like car etc should be taken into consideration Just because you clean the aura does not mean the home and possessions are out of the woods. What I mean by their possessions are things they use each day like a car, not every possession in the house. If the person is very attached to something like say a sewing machine or computer etc.. this should be cleansed as well.

Also, anything that a person may have come across, like something they bought that was used, even a piece of furniture should be investigated and cleaned.

Now that you’re acquainted with the hows and some of the whys that you may or may not have heard of, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of how to protect yourself and be prepared to hear of things you may not have heard either.

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