Hundreds witness UFO hover over Shanghai

Hundreds witness UFO hover over Shanghai

Reports out of China claim hundreds of people witness a huge UFO hover over the city of Shanghai for almost 10 hours. The UFO was described as a red circle with flashing More »

CCTV video shows ghostly figure in road. – newsshopper

CCTV video shows ghostly figure in road. – newsshopper

Ian Hawke, 42, of Overton Road, captured footage of a ghost on his CCTV. The ghostly video shows a figure in the road outside of his home. Mr. Hawke said “I was More »

Spirit Photo at Fatal Accident – LEX18

Spirit Photo at Fatal Accident – LEX18

Many social media posters believe this photo captures the chilling moment a spirit is leaving after a fatal motorcycle accident in Powell County Kentucky. The tragedy happened Tuesday on Highway 15 near More »

Spirit orb visits baby captured on baby monitor – WWMT 3

Spirit orb visits baby captured on baby monitor – WWMT 3

(NEWSCHANNEL WWMT 3) – A Michigan mother believes a spirit visited her and her 1-year-old son Riley. The paranormal sighting of a spirit orb was captured on the baby monitor. Kayla Marie More »

A Miracle Happened at Saint Xavier Church – FOX13

A Miracle Happened at Saint Xavier Church – FOX13

The Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City is investigating a possible miracle that happened at the Saint Xavier church in Kearns, Utah. During a recent holy communion ceremony, a host wafer was More »

Unseen Force Tosses Cars Around

Unseen Force Tosses Cars Around

Found this interesting video on Live Leak today. It shows a small van and a few other vehicles being tossed around like matchbox cars somewhere in China. My first thought is mini More »

Hypno-Exorcism Performed on Teen | Grimsby Telegraph

Hypno-Exorcism Performed on Teen | Grimsby Telegraph

For the past year Sara and Richard Loche and their daughter Yasmin, have been tormented by paranormal activity in their Eleanor Street home. The Loche family reports clocks running backwards, objects moving More »


Woman Spots Bigfoot in West Sussex – ITV News

Bigfoot in Sussex

An image of a huge ape-like Bigfoot creature was captured by a Sussex woman named Caroline Toms. She managed to snap the grainy picture as the monster crossed her path while walking her dog through Angmering Park Estate in Arundel,

Hunting Bigfoot in Indiana – FOX59

Tyra Cataline describes the time her and some friends came face to face with an Indiana Bigfoot. “We thought we were going to die. All three of us thought we were going to die,” she said. In another recent report

The Mogollon Monster – Fox News 10

Mogollon Monster

Mogollion monster sightings date back to the 1940s. For many years it has been just a spooky campfire story. The the bigfoot like creature is believed to live along the Mogollon rim in northeastern Arizona. The Mogollon monster is suspected

CCTV Footage of Ghost at Haunted Yateley pub – getHampshire

White Lion Pub Yateley

The White Lion in Yately has a long history of being haunted going back to the original pub owners ghost who gets upset when his favorite tankard is moved. The bartender Andy Froker has worked at the White Lion for

Renovations Spark Ghost haunting at the Grand Imperial Hotel – The Durango Herald

Haunted Hotel

Construction workers reported some unusual activity at The Grand Imperial Hotel in Silverton, Colorado. Hotel owner, Jim Harper, said the construction activity seems to have annoyed a resident spirit. The renovation crew claims to have nails and chunks of drywall

Ghost attacks in Hanover haunted house | WPMT FOX43

CNN Ghost

Homeowner DeAnna Simpson says they’ve lived in the Hanover, York County home for seven years. She and her husband discovered it was haunted shortly after they moved in. Simpson has ghostly photos and audio recordings of voices, children laughing, and

Star map drawn by UFO abducted Betty Hill in 1960s matched to constellation – Mirror Online

Zeta Reticuli

One of the first Alien Abduction cases was claimed by Betty and Barney Hill from New Hampshire in the 60s. The couple claimed that they were taken aboard a UFO and examined by Alien beings. Betty drew a map of

‘Minion of Satan’ asks to give invocation in Lake meeting – Orlando Sentinel


Blogger and Atheist Chaz Stevens has stirred controversy by making the rounds in South Florida, asking city after city for permission to deliver a satanic prayer at their next public meeting Stevens’ latest request is making use of a 2014

Papua New Guinea Women accused of witchcraft are filmed being burned by mob | Daily Mail Online


Horrific video on the internet shows at least four women tortured by a gang of men after being accused of witchcraft. Once accused of sorcery there is no way the women can defend themselves from the accusations or offer any

‘Return To Life’: How some children have memories of reincarnation –


Ryan’s story began at 4 years old with horrible nightmares. At 5 he told his mother Cyndi “I used to be somebody else.” The preschooler would talk about “going home” to Hollywood. His mother said he would tell stories about