Section Two | The Self Cleansing

This section will deal with self-cleansing and the same technique can be used to actually do house cleansing and to claim your home the effective way.

A word on Resistance , the most important thing you’ll learn about self-cleaning and house-cleaning.
As I stated earlier it doesn’t really matter about the tools of the trade. Sage, religious relics or standing on your head. What works, is being vibrationally aligned to the protection. This is a tricky one and it needs to be done correctly or it fails no matter what you use; however, don’t beat yourself up–cut yourself some slack-you’re learning. Just don’t give up but don’t FIGHT either.

Here’s why I say don’t fight. Your vibration has to be aligned with an “i’m already protected” vibe so this means that you aren’t actually fighting anything. In fact, fearless love is what you need to focus on. This is because whatever malevolent force is vexing you, it can no longer do so if your vibration is higher than that of the force.

“No two things can share a space together at the same place and the same time with two different vibrations going on. If you tune into a radio station at 101.4 but you want to hear something on 107.1 you can’t do that until you turn the dial “
~Abraham Hicks ~

This means that if you start hitting it with holy water and anger–guess what? You’ve just made it stronger. You are now aligned with it vibrationally and you’ve given it more power.

So , why does this work sometimes? This is the beauty of vibration and quantum physics. The reason why it works sometimes is because when you are putting out anger and rage you are also telling the universe that you want the opposite on some level so the universe turns to respond to you with a temporary lull. Then BOOM like a freight train, the moment you let your guard down, you are just relaxed enough to receive the horror all over again.

So, it is just safer to make sure that you are putting out love to the entity and forgiveness Now, if you believe that it just killed your cat fluffy and you’ve been touched physically yourself then this may be hard to do. But, there is a way…

Going Neutral
Going neutral means you give awesome energy to something else. You surround yourself with animals, or your rose garden or pictures of the best vacation you’ve ever been on. What does that do? That relaxes your resistance to it. Daily practice in this raises your vibration so naturally that most spirits of a lower level can’t touch you.

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This last but certainly not least tidbit of information is guaranteed to work but … there are some rules attached here. There needs to be a change for most people of perspective. For those who are non religious it works better and faster simply because there are no blocks against it. But, you can open your mind enough to understand that God is not to be limited to a persona. We are all part of the divine and even those who believe in and subscribe to Christianity know that the Christe stated many times that we each have a divine spark and no one can hurt us when we know this.
For those who have no belief this can work as well because you can understand the concept that I am about to explain but on a different level. And last but not least, those of us in the spiritual community are well-acquainted with the term we are about to teach you…

I Am Sovereign!

That’s right you are sovereign! You and you alone are the only person that can give permission to any god or entity to enter your aura. We have been bestowed free will and this is the way to exercise it. It is remembering and feeling the divine spark within. It is setting a boundary to those who have no right to be there. The below practice is one that should in fact work as long as you have a strong sense of self…

Cleansing Process

This can be done each day just before bed, upon rising and when you feel attacked. The mood should be that of assurity and that can be developed, even in the thick of it–with a smile. It takes practice for a lot of people.

Smile, and confidently say aloud but NOT in fighting tone or stance: I AM SOVEREIGN and I give no permission for anyone or anything to enter my aura or my home.
Do not have the attitude that you have anything to protect yourself from. This is because if you admit you have something to protect yourself from you have just changed your vibration to an “I’m Threatened” vibe and you make the attacker stronger.
Say it in a firm voice and say thank you to the divine for your sovereignty.

1. Stand tall with confidence but relaxed.
2. Voice a Thank you to the divine for your sovereignty If atheist thank yourself
3. State loud and clear with a HAPPY, EXCITED voice I AM SOVEREIGN!
4. Imagine a fluid GOLD light dripping over your entire body, you can do this several times a day or whenever you need it. Then turn in hard as a rock around you and let it go.
5. Don’t focus on the Gold light too hard for protection, pretend it is part of your clothes.
6. NOTE: Despite what you may have heard, don’t ever use white light, It is representative of every color in the spectrum in this case and will let in good with bad. You DON’T want another attachment!

Continue your day doing and focusing on happy things. If you find yourself getting into a mood make a daily practice of gratitude. It doesn’t matter what little thing you are grateful for, your dog your bed your money, your kids, the sunshine! As long as you feel it, your vibe rises.

So, what if you have stuff going on and you can’t get out of your funk? Make a daily habit of gratitude anyway. Talk self-love to yourself, look in a mirror and tell yourself you love you.
It may sound hokey but bad spirits and dark forces want to really feel you hate yourself and everything around you. Don’t let them have it and it will go!

My philosophy, experience and belief system is reflected in this guide. Different strokes work for different folks. Everything here is taken from personal and professional experience. This is going to explain additional steps that may need to be taken by way of certain influences that a person will experience for different reasons. No two hauntings or attacks are the same for the same reasons.

“I hope that my experience in the metaphysical field has helped you with your issue.”

About The Author
Filomena Kentleton is a Vedic Astrologer, Metaphysician and a Paranormal Writer who has studied under mentors in several disciplines for over 30 years. She has personally participated in personal and home cleansings and offers a wealth of knowledge to the seeker. She put this quick and effective guide together to help those who are confused and scared, not knowing what to do against harassment of dark forces. If you need further assistance and would like a Vedic Astrology consultation please email me directly at You may also follow me on Facebook at

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