Celebrity Ghost Sightings

35 Celebs That Have Been Haunted by Spirits


ALYSON HANNIGAN told the San Francisco Gate about her haunted California home. She has witnessed the ghost multiple times. One particularly scary encounter was when she saw a silhouette of a figure standing in her bathroom doorway. She initially thought it was her fiance but quickly realized they were with her in bed. When she looked back the apparition had vanished.



ARIANA GRANDE live tweeted about a demonic experience she had while visiting the famously haunted Stull Cemetery in Kansas. She described the contact as leaving her feeling sick and overwhelmed with negativity. The strong smell of Sulpher wafted through the car and a random fly appeared inside the vehicle. She took this as a sign of demonic activity. Frightened she begun to leave but paused to roll down the window and apologize for disturbing the spirits. She snapped one pic with her cell phone as they left. Incredibly three demonic faces showed up in the picture. When she tried to send the picture to a friend the image was too large at 666 megabytes. She promptly deleted the picture only to have it sent back to her phone from an unknown source. http://bntp-production.imgix.net/uploads/images/file/365/ariana-grande-tweets.jpg



ADELE has moved in a female bodyguard to live with her in her new mansion. Reported by The Sun, she is convinced the house is haunted due to creepy feelings and strange sounds in the night. Her new mansion was once a covenant. Could it be a haunted holy house with noisy nuns.



BELLA THORNE has had many ghostly experiences in her childhood home she told Astro Girl. A spirit named Tamara haunts the family dwelling. She recalls a story of lying in bed and seeing a shadowy figure float across her room and enter her closet. Strange noises caused her to investigate the closet. When she approached the closet door swung open then quickly shut completely on its own. When she looked inside the spirit had vanished, nothing was inside. “I was sure I had seen her ghost! It was really freaky”, she said.



CLAUDIA SCHIFFER called in a psychic to help with her haunting. The supermodel was giving a tour of her English mansion and told of several specters that reside in her home. She welcomes the unearthly visitors and said she is not afraid. She hears harmless noises and sometimes creepy things happen like radios turning on.

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