11 Psychics that Totally Nailed it, and 3 Not so Much

11 Psychics that Totally Nailed it, and 3 Not so Much.

1. Etta Louise Smith

Etta Louise Smith was driving home from her job at Lockheed when she heard the news radio broadcast about a missing nurse named Melanie Uribe. Instantly a strong picture of the nurses demise flashed in her minds eye. So strong was the vision that she immediately reached out to Burbank police to tell them about it. Etta didn’t claim to be a psychic and held a Top Secret clearance for her position at Lockheed. That granted her some upfront credibility and an audience with Police Detective Lee Ryan. Ryan asked her if she could pinpoint the location of the missing nurse on a map. Etta had recognized the place as Lopez Canyon and drew a circle on a map over where she believed the body would be found. Detective Ryan thanked her and said it would be followed up on. Etta fearing that she wasn’t being taken seriously drove out to the nearby location and looked for herself. Unfortunately the Detective did take her seriously and dispatched two patrolmen out to the scene. They arrived finding Etta standing over the body of the murdered nurse she just discovered. Etta was arrested for the crime. Four days later the actual criminals were captured and Etta was freed of her incarceration. She later sued the police and was awarded $26,000 for false arrest.

2. Noreen Renier

Noreen Renier is an internationally known psychic. Involved in over 600 missing person and murder cases, she has dedicated her lifetime to helping others. Noreen has even lectured at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. An early claim to fame was when Noreen was contacted by the family of a missing pilot. Police had already been searching for days when she was brought into the investigation. Noreen was able to give police the exact coordinates of the crashed plane where the missing pilots body was recovered from the scene. Proving her usefulness to law enforcement, she was later contacted directly by police to help solve a series of rapes in the Homestead, Pennsylvania area. Working with a police sketch artist Noreen had them draw the image of the suspect she had seen in her visions. Although the artist initially didn’t want to include a specific hat, Noreen said it was crucial to have him recognized. Soon after the sketch including the hat was released to the news outlets a tip came in identifying the man. When he was eventually arrested he was wearing the identical hat.

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