20 Real Life Haunted Dolls

20 Real-Life Haunted Dolls to Play with in Your Nightmares!


Letta the haunted doll
Letta was found in an abandoned house in the 1970s. Some antique doll experts date him to be 200 years old and Romanian crafted. Letta is thought to contain the spirit of the carvers small son that had drown. Several people report that after coming into contact with Letta they feel overcome with grief and sadness. An aura of uneasiness surrounds this doll but the owner refuses to part with it reasoning a close emotional attachment between them.


Pupa the haunted doll
Pupa was crafted to look like her young owner. Together they formed a bond that lasted over half a century. The owner claimed to be able to directly communicate with Pupa. Shortly after her owner passed Pupa was put in a display case. Possibly missing her owner she continuously attempts to escape from the glass cage. Reports of frequently changing positions and mysterious tapping on the glass is often heard.

3. Ted

Ted the haunted doll
Ted likes to stroll. His owner claims to hear the scurry of Ted’s footsteps every night. Teds owner was so convinced of his strolls he started conducting experiments. He would mark off the exact location Ted was set down, upon returning find the doll feet away. You can see by the wear on his feet he really gets around.

4. Peggy

Peggy the haunted doll
Owners of Peggy started experiencing sudden physical problems shortly after acquiring her. Scores of people that have viewed Peggy reported feeling migraines, exhaustion and chest pains. You’re not safe anywhere. Peggy’s curse can reach you online. There is a confirmed heart attack victim while watching a Peggy vidoe online.

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