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Sleep Apnea or Something More Sinister?

Sleep Apnea or Something More Sinister? Ever have that sensation that you are awake but can’t move and it is damn hard to breathe too? Maybe, it’s accompanied by a strong wooshing or ringing in the ears? It may also

11 Psychics that Totally Nailed it, and 3 Not so Much

Psychics that Nailed it

11 Psychics that Totally Nailed it, and 3 Not so Much. 1. Etta Louise Smith Etta Louise Smith was driving home from her job at Lockheed when she heard the news radio broadcast about a missing nurse named Melanie Uribe.

Aliens – Hiding in Plain Sight.

Aliens – A Conspiracy that may have Eluded you. If you have sharp hearing and strong focus you’ll see the type of conspiracy I’m going to point out and no, I’m not the first to see this. If you happen

Celebrity Ghost Sightings

35 Celebs That Have Been Haunted by Spirits 1. ALYSON HANNIGAN ALYSON HANNIGAN told the San Francisco Gate about her haunted California home. She has witnessed the ghost multiple times. One particularly scary encounter was when she saw a silhouette

20 Real Life Haunted Dolls

Haunted Dolls

20 Real-Life Haunted Dolls to Play with in Your Nightmares! 1. LETTA Letta was found in an abandoned house in the 1970s. Some antique doll experts date him to be 200 years old and Romanian crafted. Letta is thought to

The Djinn and Shadow People

The Djinn and Shadow People For those who remember the iconic comedy series I Dream of Jeannie, you might recognize the dreaded Djinn. He is the giant blue dude with the turbin. Commonly associated with the middle east or portrayed

Energy Vampires Among Us

Could you be the Victim of an Energy Vampire? Here’s how to tell Vampires were always seen as the dark, fanged bedroom visitors that terrorized neighborhoods after dark and flew to their lair before sunrise in the form of a

When Ghosts Attack

How to Stop a Harassing Haunt Before You make it worse! If you ever watch ghost hunting shows, you may notice that the same sort of rituals are used time and again for ridding haunts and demons. It seems as