10 Places that Lead to Hell

10 Places that Lead to Hell

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You may think that the last place on earth anyone would want to visit is something that leads to hell. But there are thousands if not millions of people who would let their curiosity get the best of them. Would you go to what has been touted as the gate to hell? Just in case, I thought I would take you on a little trip as your official representative of the paranormal travel tourist board {doesn’t exist} but we’ll pretend. Are you ready? Please hold on to the bar because it’s a steep fall.

1. Cape Matapan Caves


Located on the southernmost tip of the Greek mainland contain caves in the bottom end of the mainland which further bolsters their purpose as a gateway to hell. And yes, this is the gateway to the classic hell that most people have been brought up with in their religious upbringing. The ancient Greeks have named this the entrance to Hades. Orpheus and Hercules used these caves to descend into the underworld here. You’ll know it by 2 landmarks, the Spartan statue nearby and the statue of Arion, a poet depicted as riding on one of the dolphins that rescued him from pirates. Stop by on your next visit and board a boat for visitors that leads them into the watery mouth of hell. Disembark and you are on your own to explore.. If you dare.

2. Hekla – ICELAND

A benedictine monk called Herbert de Clairvaux named a now relatively peaceful volcano “The eternal prison of Judas”. This was in 1180 and still visitors come from far away just as many monks did throughout the ages and took with them the tales of “Hekla Fell”. As time went on many travelling cultures came across the volcano. It was written by Medieval Icelandics that the black birds that are seen flying into and around the mouth of the volcano are the actual souls of the damned. Witches covens still gather round the mouth of the Volcano at Easter.

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