When Ghosts Attack

How to Stop a Harassing Haunt
Before You make it worse!

If you ever watch ghost hunting shows, you may notice that the same sort of rituals are used time and again for ridding haunts and demons. It seems as though religious people are the largest target as well for both hauntings and demonic activity. It has been my long-standing opinion that the rites used for ridding ghosts and demons has only been, in a lot of cases effective through using the hard way out. It also seems that some of these hauntings and demonic attacks return over time.

Some folks even report that attacks or haunts ease off but still remain to an extent and they have gotten used to it. I feel strongly that teaching another method, that leans more to the quantum physics side will help more substantially. Here, we will cover what that is and the steps to finally ridding yourself of haunts and demonic attack as well as a lot of other things.

Frequency and Vibration is Everything:

Every human being, plant and animal vibrate at a varying levels. For us and animals, it depends on the mental and emotional state of the being at the time. The theory is, whatever the level of vibration is will dictate what the being will attract to it. This dictates most of our lives because we are in a universe that runs on one fuel alone–vibration.

So, the same is true for beings from other dimensions and us being a match to them. Before I continue, I will answer the question I know will come up if it hasn’t already–”Why would I choose to be haunted or attacked by a demon or ghost?”

Here is the answer: Like it or not, when we are at the soul level of our existence prior to coming here in this life, we choose these experiences for the purpose of expansion. So, we can choose some rough stuff, all you have to do is look around or watch the news. At a soul level we understand that we are infinite so who cares what happens to this body or for that matter, this life? The issue we seem to run into is when we change our vibe on the spirit-level and not the soul level.

When we do a ritual for ridding ourselves of a haunting or demonic attack the energy should be of drawing in and not pushing out. Typically, you see people casting out and working against. In this universe, what you focus on or resist, persists.

How to do it effectively:

Reciting something or meditating on something regularly to raise your vibration so that it is no longer a match to anything that feeds off fear or anger such as demonic haunts or any harassing and persistent haunt. This would be a major change for a lot of people that are not used to radiating love and peace most of the time. And for some, the circumstances in their lives don’t actually allow for that. But, if it can be achieved several days a week while you are in the house and you make a concerted effort to throw love at something that is looking for the opposite, you may be surprised how much better it works than shaking hands holding a cross and reciting a prayer.

Why prayer doesn’t work for everyone:

There is a vast number of people who are spiritual, non religious. There are many types of belief systems and many atheists. It is obvious that if the ritual does not match the belief then it is probably useless. Raising your frequency by not being a match to the haunting body in the house or attached to the person is a more universal approach and one that each person can choose to execute in their own way.

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