The Djinn and Shadow People

The Djinn and Shadow People

For those who remember the iconic comedy series I Dream of Jeannie, you might recognize the dreaded Djinn. He is the giant blue dude with the turbin. Commonly associated with the middle east or portrayed as the male version of the Genie. I found that this could not be farther than the truth. They are seen and experienced all over the world and not in a turbin or any of the mythological garb. So, let’s get down to who they are and what they have to do with hauntings and much more.

The Theories Surrounding the Djinn
{Meaning the hidden ones}

I say theories because as with all these investigations, I can only go by what others have reported, channeled or experienced. The one woman that can tell all is Rosemary Ellen Guiley, you can see a great interview with her on this channel. She is an author or many best sellers and has investigated the Djinn for most of her adult life. The interview can be see here:

So, who are these illusive beings that seem to pop in and out of genie bottles? Well, the first thing you need to know is they don’t do that; this is the mythological part. The long and short of it is that humans won the planet because the Djinn would not bow down to use and that did not sit well with the creator. The Djinn didn’t obey God and bow as the angels did to humans. So, until so called judgment day they have a case against us to prove an it’s supposedly a pretty big agenda. Everyone that was not human, including faeries and other so-called mythological beings were cast underground and left with limited powers on the earth plane; and this has caused resentment among the Djinn and more people may have encounters with them than you may think.. Maybe even you!

The Djinn and Shadow People, Sleep Paralysis and Alien Abductions

At one time or another, many people are subject to experiences like sleep paralysis with a feeling that someone is there, holding them down. Some have claimed to be abducted and taken to not just space ships but other realms and losing time; sometimes hours or days that can’t be accounted for. But, the most common, only second to sleep paralysis is shadow people.

The general public is exposed to some forms of Djinn when they watch ghost-hunting shows. They appear to the people being investigated as black beings that are sometimes in coat and hat that you can’t see through. They may rise out of the floor or seem to come from the walls. The theory behind the hat wearing is to protect their crown chakra. Chakras are the energy centers we have throughout our body that affect organs and health as well as psychic ability.

Shadow people are still a mystery to most investigators. Some, have thought them to be people that have passed on but due to my research I would suggest steering clear of becoming too friendly with a shadow person that you’ve decided is a person who has passed on. From here, we will move on to the agenda and the abilities of the Djinn so you can better understand why we say, steer clear and protect your aura. An aura, for those who don’t know is our energy field that is able to be penetrated by the unseen. It is electromagnetic and will draw in anything good, bad or indifferent.

The Djinn’s Agenda and Abilities

The Djinn are capable of shapeshifting as well as taking form of another person, known or unknown. They can become objects of desire such as sexually appealing beings designed to seduce us and yes, sexually. Some researchers believe that one of things they are after is sexual energy which is one of the highest energetic points of our life force. They know we procreate this way.

Their abilities are vast if the researchers are correct in saying that they may be in on the alien agenda of abducting and creating hybrids of our species. If they were successful, then that’s a sneakier way of gaining ground on the planet again. But, the question is, will they keep the power to go between worlds or will they have to give it up? After all, the common human is as yet unable to time travel or move between dimensions. Some may be enlightened enough to do so but others, the majority, not so much. Or maybe the common hybrid human, will develop the powers that the Djinn have.

The most common Djinn disguises

Many, in the religious and spiritual communities often speak of guides, angels, ascended masters and the like. They may even believe they’re are talking to Pleiadians and Arcturians etc. But ask yourself, why would we just simply allow a being into our auras when we can’t be positive of who they are or what they really want? There may be two reasons for this: One, religion has made these visitations accepted as holy and the people who have them as special. Two, somehow we feel that if the being is friendly and etheric they can’t harm us. But, if we think about it, they could have been influencing us all along, passively through influencing those is control of the media, religion and politics.

The bottom line is, whether they’re shadow people we believe to be the dead or something more sinister, we need to question the experiences we have so confidently labeled; alien, ghost, shadow being; ascended master; angel and guide to be sure we aren’t being seduced into an agenda we didn’t volunteer to be a part of by beings that most of the population is unaware of.

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