Destined To See Ghosts

You’re Destined To See Ghosts If You Have These Astrological Combinations

Did you ever wonder why, when there’s a haunting that one or two people in the home will experience ghost activity and others won’t? There’ve been theories thrown around for decades by ghost-hunters that seem to make sense. Then, something will happen to cast a shade of doubt on some of those cases. This can be a real frustrating thing when you’re a ghost-hunter that wants to scientifically debunk or prove the existence of ghosts.

What if I told you that there’s another underlying reason that has never, to my knowledge been expressed by a ghost-hunter or any ghost-hunting show? As you may know, my passion is Vedic astrology and through this, after decades of trying to sort out the ghosts for one and not for others mystery, I learned the secret and now so will you.

Astrological Combinations and Ghosts

There are certain astrological combinations that bring on ghost sightings as well as demonic activity. Let’s make this very clear from the beginning; ghostly encounters and demonic activity are seen in two different houses with different planetary combinations and dosha periods. Dosha periods are the times where a planet has ruling influence along with one other planet that rules your sub dosha. This is the best significator of why these things come up all of a sudden.

The 12th House Ghostly Combination

The elusive 12 house is a house that represents illusion and the dreamstate. Living in that realm is like living in one long near death experience. It’s like an acid trip or a Alice in Wonderland experience. It’s where you achieve moksha, liberation or enlightenment, whatever you choose to call it. Any planet there will have a great influence there but the one that’s the most important for ghostly encounters is Rahu. Rahu??? Yes, in Vedic astrology Rahu is what Western astrology calls the North node of the Moon. He represents illusion and something that isn’t quite what it seems. If you have Saturn there like I do, that represents the dark worlds that lurk beneath the surface. If you have the Moon there, that represents your mind so Rahu and the Moon together is a surefire ghostly experience that, if conditions are correct, can happen.

You got my attention! What’s the ghostly conditions?

I spoke before about dosha periods, the periods where certain planets have a definite force of influence upon your life. When you start to run your Rahu Mahadasha period, meaning main dosha period and your Moon antardasha period, meaning sub-period, then you’ll be prime to start seeing ghosts. There are other complicated things in a chart that may also stop it but I’ll be simplistic here just to teach you the basics.

What about the Demonic Side?

This can be seen from the 8th house where Rahu and Moon and or Mars may sit. Saturn is a culprit here too. The person as well must be running their Rahu period with Mars, Moon or Saturn. The fun begins long term when one sub dosha period comes one right after another and that represents years and years, maybe a lifetime of haunting. So, why does this house and these planets lay the groundwork for demonic influences to seep in? Mars is the killer, the action guy and he carries the energy that Mr. Rahu can influence in this way upping the negative energy rout. Saturn, as I said before has the dark force energy and the sun and moon can do the same thing here.

Am I nuts? No One Else Sees this Sh** but Me?

This is where things get a little hairy but the astrological mapping in one single individual’s chart or that of several family members is what may be making this happen. So often I hear that this may mean a person is haunted and not a home. Often times, a family or a person will move from the house only to have the ghost or haunting persist wherever they go. It leaves them in turmoil. It’s stressful but if they understand what’s going on in their astrological map then they can gauge when and for how long it may persist.

What to do to clear the situation when it happens

Any good astrologer will tell you that connecting with the source of all there is, meaning God to some and the Universe to others is the answer to raising your vibration past that of any other being. The point of why astrology even exists is because we have lessons associated with that life as well as Karma. Just understand that it’s all temporary and if we can work through the Karma of the experience with the creator that it will move from us even faster.

In conclusion:

There are many complicated yogas and combinations in a chart that may or may not point to ghostly encounters. What the bottom line of this piece is; it explains why some in a household may experience a haunting while those who live with them don’t.

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